Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Weekend Round Up...Alley Cat Style

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You've been there before. You had your hopes up, only to get let down, disappointed at the outcome. I had a job interview last week and got the call saying that while I was a "finalist", I didn't make the cut. Sure, I was disappointed, but you know what? Life goes on. The way I look at these kinds of disappointments is to think of it like this: 1) God has something better for me, and 2) God is saving me from something. So when you get disappointed in life...and believe me, you will...pick yourself up and believe that something is just around the corner. Something good. Something great. Something that will make your heart sing.

The Weekly Line Up

Monday - Angie is starting a two-part series with a post entitled Getting to Know Your Character: The Challenge.
Tuesday - Julia has something great up her sleeve, so come by and be surprised.
Wednesday - Karen is hosting guest Carla Stewart with her new release, The Hatmaker's Heart.
Thursday - Ashley will inspire us with her thoughts on keeping a healthy heart as a writer.
Friday - Amy is hosting Wendy Paine Miller with her new release, The Flower Girls.

The Awesome Link Round Up

Writing From The Heart by Robin Jones Gunn - Recommended for anyone interested in using their avenue of artistic expression to reach others at the heart level. (Robin Jones Gunn)

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13 Ways How Writers Can Survive the Dreaded Waiting Stage  (Positive Writer)

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How to Succeed as a Writer (Write to Done)

Have a fabulous week writing to your heart's content!

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