Monday, July 28, 2014

One Sheet Ready?


Whether you're planning a wedding, a kid's birthday party, or a lunch with friends, the special event always requires thought to setting the mood. Do you want a shabby chic wedding at a country chapel? Or a Super Hero bash for your four year old? How about a garden tea for a few of your closest girlfriends? All these events bring about a vision in our heads, a trigger for our senses.

Your fifteen minute agent/editor appointment at a writer's conference does not fall short as a "special event" for your writing career. The spotlight shines bright and brief in those few moments, so why not be sure you are prepared to not only sell your novel with a bang, but set the mood of your writing, and leave the professional with an experience they can't forget?

Besides stellar writing and a snazzy premise, it's best to tap into more than the agent/editor's sense of hearing as you speak, and impress an image that will stir the appropriate emotions for your particular book. The one sheet is the most effective way to tap into the professional's senses during your “special event”. It is your décor and mood lighting all in one. It can also be another hook to grab their interest and dig deeper with conversation. And it is my ABSOLUTE favorite thing to create besides the actual story.

Here are some examples of establishing the tone of the book through graphics and layout using my own designs (I tend to write more character-driven books so I include a profile or face in my own one-sheets):

A historical set deep in the Amazon jungle (Winner of the Mile High Scribes 2011 One Sheet Contest):

A coming of age story set post-Dust Bowl in cotton country of Texas (Finalist of the Mile High Scribes 2013 One Sheet Contest):

A historical romance set in a coal town in the Utah mountains (prejudice is a theme, so I went with the starkness of black and white):

For more info on creating these yourself, click here.

This conference season, I am excited to, once again, offer one sheet designs to any CBA writer. Go to my blog click on my CBA One Sheet Design page for more details! 

Angie Dicken first began writing fiction as a creative outlet during the monotonous, mothering days of diapers and temper tantrums. She is passionate to impress God's love on women regardless of their background or belief. This desire serves as a catalyst for Angie's fiction, which weaves salvation and grace themes across historical cultures and social boundaries. Angie is an ACFW member and is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency.


Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Angie, you certainly have a gift! I absolutely love it and I think many people will want to utilize your services. Not many people feel like that have the creativity to do that kind of visual "art". Love it!

Jill Weatherholt said...

Terrific idea! You're very talented, Angie!

Unknown said...

Ahh, you are talented!

Three times I've had agents/editors actually ask to keep my one-sheet as an example to give to others. One asked permission to use it in a class she was teaching. A great one-sheet really can make you stand out in the crowd!

And I actually had my one-sheets designed by someone else since I'm not overflowing in graphic design it's definitely worth the investment. Hope lots of people take advantage of your new venture!

Angie Dicken said...

Thanks Sherrinda and Jill!

Angie Dicken said...

Melissa, What a compliment for you! Would love to see it!:) I have designed a few for some of the Alleycats. So fun to take a concept and make it visual!

Jeanne Takenaka said...

Angie, your one sheets are amazing! I hope your venture goes well. I'll definitely keep you in mind when I'm ready to create my one sheet.

How long does it take you to prepare one for a client?

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Those are awesome, Ang! I hope lots of people take advantage of this!

Angie Dicken said...

It usually takes me a couple of days to get a design ready, depending on workload. :) Let me know when you'd like to find out more about the details!

Angie Dicken said...

Thanks, Amy!
I remember your one was so good!

Krista Phillips said...

Angie totally saved my hide when I was working on mine last year.... I'd asked for advice on how to "fix" it, and she came back with this AMAZING concept for me and was better than I could have ever asked for!!!

SO excited you're doing this again, girl!!!

Laurie Tomlinson said...

So glad you're doing this again! Your one-sheets are gorgeous!

Casey said...

Angie took SO MUCH stress out of getting my one sheets done last year! Never again will I do my own. I'm serious. I'll pay the money for a better product and time saved on my end while getting ready for the conference!

Angie Dicken said...

Thank you, fellow Alley Cats! I LOVE to design them and help a sista out! HAHA! Graphics is a PASSION and LOVE I have had almost as long as writing!!!

Ashley Clark said...

I love making one sheets! One of my favorite parts of conference prep!!! :D Great post!

Jeanne Takenaka said...

You do a beautiful job on one-sheets, Angie! I love the one you created for me last year. I'll be hiring you for sure. :)