Friday, July 4, 2014

Sparks Fly

A bunch of old guys in powdered wigs signing the Declaration of Independence is a pretty big deal. Though I suppose when you think on it you associate the day with not only the historical significance but also modern day pyrotechnics, BBQ’s, county fairs, and summertime. I doubt many of you get that romantic tingle when you think of July 4th, but well, surprise surprise! I do! (I know, try not to faint from shock!) 

I’ve never had some grand romantic moment under a glittering burst of fireworks. Sure, I have fond memories of my childhood. And I still enjoy a nice display at the local parks. But that fire in the sky reminds me of a story…

A simple tale of love. That certain spark. When two people were brought together for their first date on this very day years back and saw fireworks. The very ones responsible for this writer and her hopeless romanticizing of just about everything.

My parents. :)

Who doesn’t love a first date story??? And better still, no matter what day of the year you commemorate such a monumentous first step toward love, who doesn’t remember those fireworks shooting through your veins when you realized the game had changed… This was it. Your life, as you knew it, was over.

And it all started with a spark!

Let’s talk non-fiction for a change! Do you have a good first date story? Did you see fireworks? Some of the very best inspiration for a writer is a real life romance. So come on, inspire me!

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

Amy Leigh Simpson writes Romantic Suspense that is heavy on the romance, unapologetically honest, laced with sass and humor, and full of the unfathomable Grace of God. She is the completely sleep deprived mama to two little tow-headed mischief makers, one pretty little princess, and wife to her very own swoon-worthy hero. Represented by the oh-so-wise and dashing Chip MacGregor of MacGregor Literary Inc.


Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Well, for me, I moved away from home when I was 17 to attend a Bible College. I turned 18 two weeks later and I was given a surprise party before Wednesday night church. One boy couldn't be there, but after church he pulled me aside and gave me a dozen roses. I was smitten. We will have been married 30 years in January. :)

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Awwww!!! Sherrinda! So sweet! How is it more men don't get this... Never underestimate flowers ;)

Glynis said...

We laugh when we tell our first date stories. My husband and I went to Reptile Gardens (yes, it is all about reptiles) and then on to a Chinese restaurant, where he proceeded to "impress" me by eating a spoonful of hot mustard before our food came. I fell in love with him in spite of all the sweating LOL. We've been married almost 16 years and we still love to tell that story.

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Oh Glynis!!! How adorable! And quite bold. ;) Love it! Thanks for sharing!