Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Alley Weekly Round Up

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It's been a quiet week. One of those weeks where you go through the day like a robot, doing the same thing that you do every day without really thinking about it. Nothing exciting. Nothing troubling. Just the same old stuff. I rather like those weeks. They are rare, you see. In today's busy world, the quiet normalcy of days are few and far between. So you gotta love them. Cherish them. Relish them for all they are worth. Now to make your ordinary days extraordinary, I suggest you stop by the Alley this week and see what our lovely Alley Cats are writing about. 

The Alley Weekly Lineup

Monday - Angie is your host today with another fabulous post.
Tuesday - Julia's been cooking up a brilliant article for your writing pleasure! Come taste and see.
Wednesday - Karen's got a great post for you: Six Vital Questions to Ask Your First Readers
Thursday -  Ashley has been gallivanting about and seeing some historical sights, but she will stop by and share something wonderful to jump start your writing.
Friday - Amy will have some brilliant words for you to soak in and learn from.

Alley Cat Spotlight!

This week the spotlight is on Karen Schravemade. Karen calls Australia her home and has been remodeling/decorating her home and documenting it as she goes. She has started up a fabulous DIY blog that is growing leaps and bounds. It's called A House Full Of Sunshine and is a beautiful place. She has made beautiful cakesparty favors, and wall art. She even has an "Inspire" tab on her blog! You definitely want to check that out.

Karen is brilliant at stringing words together and we are definitely lucky to have her at The Alley.  Be looking out for a few changes in the landscape here at The Alley. With Karen's artistic, decorative gifts, she is going to spruce us up and make us look fabulous. We can't wait!

We Have Winners!

The winner of the giveaway from Amy's FREEBIES post is.....Sally Bradley! You get to pick 2 of Amy's books for your very own. Lucky girl!

The winner of the giveaway for GRAND CENTRAL anthology is....Michelle Lim!!!

The Awesome Link Roundup!

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Have an superb weekend and a fantastic week!

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Karen @ a house full of sunshine said...

Thank you so much for that sweet shout-out, you dear lady!! xo