Thursday, July 10, 2014

What to Expect When You're Expecting (a book...)


You look at your computer and wink. You wanna? Yeah, I wanna.

This fabulous chemistry of emotions and passion collide, and many moments (months, years) later, you sit back, breathless, barely able to conjure up a coherent thought.

A few weeks later, you pee on a stick, er, open up a file, and see the sign.

The End.

You did it. A book has been conceived.


You read your book. It's awfulness makes you want to throw up.

You edit. You edit some more.

Then you ask someone else to read it, and they mark it up with a red pen.

You edit even more.

You venture into a bookstore, just to spy the spot in which your book would be placed alphabetically. Ahhh, such a nice spot.

You go home and edit even more. Read some how-to books, and edit even more.


You're feeling better about your book now. It's taking a much nicer form. You even print it out and maybe even have it binded at Staples so you can have a picture of what it "might" look like someday.

You query agents. You go to writer's conferences. You get some rejections, some requests. It's a time of waiting, but it'll be worth it in the end.

You start a blog. You network with other writers. Now is the time to set the framework for when your book is out. Now is when you have "time" to do that stuff, people say. Later, you'll be so busy it'll be hard to keep up. You just can't imagine that though. I mean, this is good stuff. The journey is SO MUCH FUN!


This journey is HARD!

You signed with an agent, which is cool, but now they have a billion things they want you to do. A major publishing house has your manuscript going to pub board, and you're about ready to bite your nails clear off until you hear something.

Or maybe the above didn't happen. Maybe you've decided traditional publishing is for the birds and you're going to do it INDIE Style, NO epidural (or pain meds... or publisher...) to help you along.

Krista - about ready to pop with Annabelle!
You're brainstorming other projects, because who wants a one-time-wonder, right?

And marketing? Really? You're responsible for getting your book sold TOO? How do you do that when you don't even have a published book?

And yeah, you started that blog. Five people visit a week. That's a platform right? What? You need more than that? How do I do that when my baby isn't here yet? Isn't that the point of the stinkin' blog anyway, to sell books? It's too hard. You try to get your significant other to do something to help, cook dinner or something to give you time to get all this done, but they just call it a "hobby" and want you to stop belly-aching.


WOOT! The pains have BEGUN!

Pub board offered you a contract. Signed, sealed, and announced on Facebook!

Or you've officially started the process to Indie publish (inducing labor I guess??) 

Now the work really begins.

More edits. REALLY PAINFUL edits. And more than one, they just keep coming!

That marketing that was hard before... well, it's breathing down your neck now.  Oh why didn't you work harder on that stupid blog following thing earlier? Everyone warned you, now here you are, spamming everyone's Facebook page, trying to get them to remember you so someone will buy this book you're about ready to have.

The only thing worse than having an ugly book is having one that no one buys.

Interview questions.

Setting up blog tours.

Planning launch parties.

It all has to be done RIGHT NOW and your mind is swirling.

Finally... the time comes.

It's almost there... hehehooooooo..... here comes the author copies!

And then....

A book is born. Published. Available to the public in all its glory.

You smile. Relief.

Of course....

Then the crying, er, book selling comes. And eventually the book grows up and many years later graduates and moves out of the house (goes out of print--lingers in the millions on the Amazon selling ranking) but by then, you've given birth to many other books, hopefully!

In fact, hopefully you're like the Duggers and have a LOT of them.

And you smile. Because you remember the joy of conception, the pain and work that it took to get to the point of delivery. You enjoyed every moment, ever good review, every reader letter letting you know what the book meant to you. In hindsight, it all went pretty well! Oh, and then you take it upon yourself to give those complaining pregnant writer's all the advice that your many published books affords you to give!


Where are you at in your writing journey? What advice do you have for those in the spot right behind you? Is there anything you would have done differently if you could go back?

(This post is an updated repeat from right before I published my first book.... I thought it super appropriate since NEXT MONTH I'll be releasing my second! Oh.... this third trimester pain....)

*** pictures from ... except of course for the one of my large, prego self! ***


Anonymous said...

Oh my word--I love this analogy! *wipes tears of laughter*
So so SO true. Great encouragement for me! <3

Rebecca Gomez said...

I'm in the delivery phase, about half way through. Past the painful edits, and now trying to relax (with my epidural?) and get ready for the final push! June will be here sooner that it seems. :-)

Courtney Ballinger said...

This is awesome! I'm in my second trimester (in book form). The waiting is horrendous. But don't most moms end up missing their pregnancy days? Hmmm...right now I'm just ready to move forward. :) Ready for publication--er, delivery.

Krista Phillips said...

Lol! Congrats all of you on your upcoming bundles of joy!!!

The doctor is yelling at me to push harder at the moment! Lol!!

Susan John said...

Hi Krista congrats, its good to know that you are doing well , by the way your looking great in that phott