Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Alley Weekend Round Up

I've have the wants! I want to write. I want to paint. I want to be a landscaper and get my yard beautiful enough to house a Yard-of-the-Month sign. I want to learn to new recipes and be a great cook. I want to decorate my home to look like Karen Schravemade's home. I want so much. But you know...I cannot do it all. I can focus on what God puts before me today and do it to the best of the ability He has given me. That's all we can do...use out gifts and talents to bring glory to Him. No, it may not be beautiful like the kind of beauty Karen can make, but it will be the kind of beautiful that God has created me to make. We all make our own kind of beautiful...and that is a great thing. So as you go through your week and write the words of your story, know that God is using you to create something of worth. And while you are at it, stop by the Alley and take in all the awesome posts we have lined up for you!'s gonna be a good week.

The Alley Weekly Line Up

Monday - Pepper has been slaving away, writing a couple of synopsis to send out, so she is well prepared to give us some great pointers in doing the "dreaded synopsis".
Tuesday - Laurie begins her role as an Alley Cat telling us "How To Be A Good Guest In Your Promotional Journey (And How To Get Invited Back). How's that for a great first post?!?!
Wednesday - Mary is going to teach you "How To Entice Readers To Turn The Page".
Thursday - Krista's got you covered..."Cool, Calm and Covered".
Friday - Casey has the question that many of us are asking..."Should You Go To Writing Conferences When You Aren't Writing?"

Alley Cat Spotlight

We are spotlighting Angie Dicken! She loves to write historical romance and has been a winner and finalist is quite a few writing contests. She is a mother of four and keeps busy doing "mom" things and other fun stuff such as...Jamberry Nails! Angie just launched her start as a consultant for them and has been selling the coolest nail wraps I've ever seen. (You can check out the ones I bought here.) You can check out her Facebook page here. Angie also is a master at creating One Sheets for your manuscripts and even won the Mile High One Sheet Contest in 2011. You can find out more here and here. Angie is an amazing person and we are so blessed to have her here at The Writer's Alley.

The Awesome Link Round Up

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Karen @ a house full of sunshine said...

Oh, hon!! I'm a bit behind the eight-ball seeing this. You just gave me the biggest smile at those lovely mentions... and, well, I have to admit that I giggled just a bit to have fooled you so well re. the state of my house - you clearly have never seen it most days when it looks like a toy shop threw up in there. ;) You are such a gifted lady with your art journaling and creative projects - I look at what YOU do and admire you so much! Here's to celebrating our unique selves! Beautiful post, I just LOVE what you've done with our weekend edition, it's now such a pleasure to read!

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Ha...I'm behind at looking for comments! ;) Thanks, Karen. I agree...we should all celebrate our uniqueness! We make the world go round, right?