Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Writer's Alley Weekly Round Up

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We hope you are still floating on the "Conference High" from last weekend in St. Louis. It was a fantastic conference, with a lot of learning and schmoozing, and seeing old friends. You are probably taking all the things you learned and are working away at your story, making it to grace the desk of your favorite agent/editor.

While you are slaving away on your WIP, make sure to take a break now and then and check out The Writer's Alley this week. The Alley Cats are gathering up great information to share with you, so don't miss out!

The Awesome Link Round-Up

The Runner's Guide To Better Writing (Write To Done)

Creating Capacity (Writer Unboxed)

Predictability Creates Opportunity (Go Teen Writer)

6 Weird but Awesome Hacks for a Happy Writing Life (Positive Writer)

Why Genre Matters (Writer Unboxed)

Be Your Own Casting Director: Isn't This All Just A Big Waste Of Time? (Kaye Dacus)

New YA-Only Imprint Seeks to Make Their Mark (Publishers Weekly)

What If Your Story Has No Character Arc? (K.M. Weiland)

Are Your Writing Dreams Unrealistic? (Aliventures)

How To Rekindle Your Love of Writing (Write to Done)

Have A Great Weekend!

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