Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Writer's Alley Weekend Round-Up

Mid-November, people! It's almost time to thaw the turkey, make a dozen pies, and put the Christmas lights on the house. Is anyone as panicky as me? Nah...I'm not really panicking. I'm pretty good about going with the flow, but the last few months have just flown by and I need to get organized. I don't want to procrastinate and be harried this Christmas. I want to enjoy the season between Thanksgiving and the New Year. So who's with me? You? Okay, great! Now that we have that settled, let's find out what's up the street this next week.

The Weekly Line-Up

Monday - Angie will be talking about Past, Present, Future...Motives of Your Characters.

Tuesday- Julia's post is entitled Dealing With The Waits of the Writing Life

Wednesday - Karen  is sharing Part 2 of How to Grow Your Blog Platform.

Thursday - Ashley has something up her sleeve and it will be something worth stopping by for.

Friday - Amy is hosting the fabulous Amy Matayo!

The Awesome Link Round-Up

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The Great Twitter Debate: Should You Follow Back? (Writer unBoxed)

Beyond Fancy Clothes and Funny Foods - Creating the Culture of Your Story (Go Teen Writer)

#NaNo Tips: "Stealing" Writing Time (Kaye Dacus)

36 Writing Tips to Put Your Butt in the Chair (Positive Writer)

Is "Finding Your Voice" As A Writer Just Plain Laughable? (Write to Done)

Losing One's Marbles (Writer unBoxed)

Have A Great Week!

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