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Christmas in the Mountains

A week of Christmas scenes on the Writer's Alley. Each Alley Cat sharing in a different way. Don't you just love Christmas stories? Some of the Alley Cats have shared personal stories, some inspirations for their books, and some, like me, are sharing a scene from one of their WIPs. 

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. The season deserves so much respect because of Who is the focus of the celebration. As a result, I'm a bit nervous about this post, but hope you will like this scene, and see how I feel it honors Jesus.

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Set up: Samantha (Sam) and Hank's families have fought for generations. Due to strange circumstances, both families show up at the same lodge in the Rocky Mountains at Christmastime. As expected, tempers boiled. Amazing, though, how a few traumatic events could bring two warring families together. And on Christmas morning...

Sam sat with her ailing dad on the sofa near the fireplace. Flames crackled, the only sound other than their conversation in the lodge's great room during those golden morning hours. 

Hank's boots clomped on the wooden floor with a steady cowboy rhythm as he rounded the corner. A Stetson set forward on his head the way Sam liked it. His mom had suggested he not wear it in the lodge yesterday, but this was Christmas. A day when hearts were so full they could do nothing but overflow with love. God had created this handsome man who had the scent of outdoor heaven.

His hand nudged the brim of his hat. “Mind if I put on some music?” The deep twang rolled from his chest.   

She wanted to go to him, but Dad needed her.

Dad winked at her. "Go ahead, Sweet Pea. I'm fine." 

She kissed him on the cheek and pressed herself to a stand. "Love you, Dad." 

The man of her dreams stood only a few feet away, thumbs hung in his jeans pockets and one knee cocked to the side. She swooshed her hair behind her shoulders and tried to hide the warmth building in her cheeks. “I'd loved to hear some music.” 

Big Sky, Montana
Photo taken by Mary Vee
His long fingers, calloused from working the ranch, threaded through hers, and they walked to the stereo system built into the far oak wall. Electronic lights sprang to life when he pressed a few buttons and adjusted the sound with a turn of a dial.

He could pick any style of music, it didn't matter, even if he chose country, as long as he let her slip between his arms.

Piano keys meshed with guitar strings, softly opening a song she hadn't heard before. 

He reached his other hand out to her. 

The music compelled her hips to swayed with the beat as her hand nestled into his. 

He gazed at her, mouthing the words as though he'd written the song. Wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close, his dance mimicked the lyrics. The room blurred behind them as they danced on the hardwood floor, him twirling her in circles and catching her securely in his arms. 

The last note played, but he didn't move away. Dancing with him had squelched the stress of her job and all the lies her manipulative boss had told. Hank's breath calmed her heart even more.

An audience of eight applauded, embarrassing her. The music must have attracted everyone to the main room. Hank's dad had his arm around his mom. “Play that song again, Son. Your mother and I heard it on the radio and liked it.”

Sam's brother, Fred scooped his wife into his arms. “May I have this dance?”

She nodded and looked around the room. “Let’s move the furniture against the wall first.” 

That's when a miracle happened. Hank's family and Sam's family worked together. Yes, it was the shocker of the day, of the year, of generations, but they actually worked together. The sofa, coffee table, and other furniture scooted across the floor toward the wall, opening the dance floor. 

Hank pressed the play button, and all the couples moved across the floor gazing into their partners' eyes and dancing around the fireplace in the middle of the room. The Christmas tree lights by the front window added blues, reds, and yellows to the morning glow.

Feet slid to a silent beat during the brief intermission and into the opening bars of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." 

“Hank, look at our dads—they’re actually smiling.”

He looked with her and grinned. "Finally." He drew her closer to his chest. 

Every breath filled with the wood scent of his shirt. She melted into his warmth and let the melody and his movement steer her steps.

Had there been a happier moment in her life? It didn't seem so. She danced with the man of her dreams, and their families, after so many years of fighting, had found peace to celebrate on this golden Christmas morn.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet from my WIP.

Merry Christmas! I hope you find someone special to dance with--spouse, child, grandkid, any warm hand can bring fun and laughter to this season celebrating Jesus' birth.


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