Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oh The People We Will Meet

My daughter and I... definitely crazy people!
Show of hands:

Who goes to Starbucks/Panera/**insert local coffee/sandwich shop here** to write?

Since I have four kiddos at home, and the youngest has a hatred of me being on my laptop when she is awake, I've taken to leaving home to write more often than not.

Panera is my space of choice, but I also frequent Starbucks because it's closer and the library because I'm not so tempted to splurge and eat things I shouldn't.

The fun thing about writing in public is that you meet all sorts of interesting people.

And when I say meet, I mostly mean eavesdrop on their conversation while you are busy typing. Because all writer's know that those two can be done simultaneously.

In the last few months, I've met--

- A fascinating elderly lady (that I actually did talk to) who, in her youth, used to travel the world as a photographer, particularly all over Europe. I'd LOVE to meet up with her again and chat about all her adventures!

- A lady who talked to the dead as well as her unborn children. (Evidently her 4 children she had been told she would have liked to visit her in her sleep....)

- A man who was typing, sleeping, and snoring at the same time. Now THAT was some multi-tasking, folks!

- One very interesting pre-marital counseling session.

- A LOT of Bible studies, which I think is pretty amazing, especially one group of 4 young college-aged guys in particular who were, if this married woman might say so boldy, HOT. And listening them talk about the Word of God and encourage each other to be courageous men of God was just, yeah. I had to refrain from asking to take their picture so I could use them as future hero material!

I've tucked all of these fun snippets into the back of my brain for future use in books, even if not for a main plot, but to add depth and spark ideas. Except maybe the talking to the unborn thing. I just--yeah. Not sure I can use that one.

So, while I'm not, like, telling you to invade people's privacy... not REALLY anyway... keeping your ears open can absolutely be a GREAT way to add some flavor to your novels. Because, as they say, truth can be stranger than fiction, right?

Discussion: Oddest person you've ever met while out writing! 

And just for kicks, am I the only one that ever wonders of people post on Facebook about ME while I'm out there writing?

I can see it now...

"I'm totally at Starbucks, and there is this crazy chick over there typing away and all the sudden, she bursts out laughing then stops. Two seconds later, I swear I see her wipe a tear from her eye. Then a few minutes after that. she's stomping her foot like she's mad at the world. I'm a little scared of her...."

Hmmm... maybe I'm fodder for someone ELSE'S book.


Karen @ a house full of sunshine said...

LOL - that last comment had me in stitches!! :-) :-) Totally picturing it...

Glynis said...

I think I get tunnel vision when I write. I'm pretty sure there could be a sword fight in the cafe and if I'm in the zone I wouldn't notice it. But you've convinced me that I need to be much more observant! Great post.

Sarah Forgrave said...

Haha! I can relate to this way too much. I've crossed paths with really interesting people, but the most interesting thing that happened at Starbucks was having a car crash into the building (3 feet away from my chair!) while I was working on edits. Pretty sure that one'll end up in a m/s someday. :)

Krista Phillips said...

Karen... it is probably worse than I depict it at times, LOL

Glynis... I totally get in those zones too. The only times i really pay attention is when I'm "stuck" and looking around for inspiration. I usually get plenty of it, LOL

Sarah... YOU WIN the prize. A car through the window of Starbucks, I doubt anyone else can beat that!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE people watching and listening when I'm out writing. There's something about being out of the house that's special and invigorating to write in.
Also--what Starbucks/Panera do *you* go to that there's Christian guys doing a Bible study?! ;)

Angela said...

Lol! I can totally relate. I have a favorite spot in the corner of Panera Bread, where I try to pretend I am not actively listening to conversations.
It's the life of a writer, we just can't help it (-: