Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Writer's Alley Weekend Round-Up

2015, here we come! We are so excited for what this new year holds and can't wait to journey this writing life with you. May your days be filled with stories and your nights with sweet dreams of those stories. May you have the energy to dream and the courage to put those dreams into action. We love you and pray that God will open doors for you in this new year!

The Weekly Line Up

Monday - Pepper is talking about character depth today! It's Lord of the Rings VS. The Hobbit.

Tuesday - Laurie is trying out a new plotting experiment and we get to watch!

Wednesday - Mary is beginning a new class on character personality. Her first lesson is entitled Character Personality Class 1: Outgoing, Observant, Outspoken.

Thursday - Krista is sharing her business expertise in setting goals for your writing...treating it as a business.

Friday - Casey's post is all about men! Men at ACFW? Do they exist?

Alley Cat News

Karen Schravemade is taking a new role here at The Writer's Alley. Instead of posting this year, she will be the behind-the-scenes force that is going to make The Alley shine! Given her knowledge and talent for marketing and blogging, she is going to fine-tune our blog and help us grow. If you have any suggestions for The Writer's Alley, please contact us and we will make sure Karen gets the information. We are thankful for Karen's phenomenal posts here and are thrilled at what's in store for us with her new role here.

The Awesome Link Round-Up

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How To Become A Full-Time Writer (The Write Practice)

A Novel is Not the Sum Total of Its Parts (Live Write Thrive)

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