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Character Personality Class.3 Composed and Sensitive

Photo Courtesy - Helen Keller circa, 1912

In today's Character Personality Class we will discuss the character who is composed and sensitive. We'll see how characters from movies and TV shows demonstrate this characteristic and use this information to deepen our own characters.

What confused me, at first, about the Composed and Sensitive Character is I assumed too much about them. Or perhaps too little. 

Although introverted, many individuals/characters with this type of personality have accomplished great things. Their greatest asset, in my view, is their drive to learn more about the one aspect of life that means the most to them.

Perhaps many of us are secretly this personality. Don't you want to seek to know God more? To the point that you will set other things aside to do so? Me, too. 

While the characters here may not always seek God more, they have some aspect of personal growth, something to make the world better that burns in their heart. Think of these real people: Helen Keller, Fred Rogers, Princess Dianna, and Audrey Hepburn.

Ready to take a look at the Composed and Sensitive Character?

Remember, each class is independent. However, adding the previous classes to your notes will be beneficial to you. Here is the link for the first class: The Outgoing.Observant.Outspoken. Joker/Scarlett O'Hara character and the second class: The Life of the Party

By having a basic understanding of each characteristic, you will be able to write deeper characters and avoid cliche descriptors

The Composed and Sensitive character has these personality characteristics:

She is imaginative and idealistic. 

Whatever is happening will pass and things will get better.

She is sensitive, caring, and non judgmental. 

Accepts others without question



He is sure the future will bring better options.

Likes to explore ways to improve himself.

Encourages others to do so.

Likes to explore new ways to express their thoughts.

Can see many points of view.


Often unconventional.

Supportive until it crosses their belief.

Does not have a desire to conform and is willing to march to his own beat.

Would rather feel good about a choice than fit in.

Likes open exchange of ideas.

Likes avant garde because he can explore new concepts in the area he is interested.

Seeks to understand himself and others around him. Few know just how much this means to him.

Mundane aspects of life are not interesting. He is more interested in ideas than practical facts.

Reflective. Spiritual. Likes meaningful conversations about personal growth.

Wants to make sure they are telling the truth and searches to learn more.

**Important to note- the composed and sensitive one will boldly act if the moment stirs the truth they hold dear to them. Jean Valjean risks his life to save another. Peter Parker gives up the love of his life to protect her. Larry Daley sets aside his failures to survive the unbelievable, Walter Mitty proves he can be the dream, Mater saves McQueen from destroying himself in pride, Sid helps the tiger save the baby, Jane stands up to propriety,  

How about some fun?

Think about your WIP or a previous work. Does your character have a Composed and Sensitive personality? If so, re-examine your character's scene for a moment in your mind. Is there one or more responses to situations you could deepen knowing the above information?

Ready to stir your thoughts? 

1. I've thought of a few godly real people who could be added to this list. Which one does not fit?
    a. Jonathan Edwards (Preacher, 1700's)
    b. Corrie Ten Boom (lived in Germany and hid Jews)
    c. William Penn (Quaker, fought for the right to worship, founded Philadelphia)
    d. Fanny Crosby (blind, hymn writer, poet)

2. What is the only way the Life of the Party character could talk today's Composed and Sensitive character into going to a party?
    a. If the Life of the Party character promised to stay with him or her the whole time.
    b. If the party was inexpensive.
    c. It the party honored or was dedicated to a cause dear to Composed and Sensitive's heart.
    d. If there were only a few people attending.

3. Composed and Sensitive would be more likely to:
   a. Assist Judge Deborah as she gives the battle plan.
   b. Run with the Shepherds to tell all of Bethlehem about the newborn King they just saw.
   c. Help Martha in the kitchen as she prepared a meal for Jesus
   d. Sit at Jesus feet listening with Mary 

4. The best gift the Composed and Sensitive female character could receive is:
    a. A romantic marriage proposal in a secluded setting, by Mr. Right. 
    b. A surprise birthday party.
    c. A sparkly, chic dress with matching shoes.
    d. A diamond necklace

answers: 1. a/ 2. c/ 3. d/ 4. a

What would happen if a Composed and Sensitive personality discovered a secret code? Tell two things the character might do. Can you see how this personality would treat the discovery of the code completely different from The Life of the Party or  Joker/Scarlett personality we discussed the last two classes? You can review Joker/Scarlett O'Hara character personality here and/or The Life of the Party character personality here.

Is this character in any of your WIP? If so, take a moment and consider their scenes.  Did he or she respond/think true to their personality? Can you deepen the scene by modifying or including something, even in the smallest measure, only this personality might do? This is the writing that will make your story stand out.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section! I hope to see you at our next class in two weeks.

Information for this series has been gathered from sources focusing on Carl Jung's personality assessment works and include: 
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If you found any typos in today's post...sorry about that. 

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Jeanne Takenaka said...

I loved this post Mary. Also, the differences between how men and women live out this trait was interesting. :) Also, the way you portrayed showed that they might be quiet, but they're not meek.

I'm thinking about your questions and my characters. If I have time, I'll stop back later with more thoughts. :)

You've got my creative juices flowing. Thank you!!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thanks, Jeanne!
I must admit figuring out the correct characters to match this personality was a challenge at first. Meek plus a mission. All of a sudden, poof, tons came to mind. I even thought of another after the post. Hassan, the chef in The Hundred foot Journey.

kaybee said...

This is good, Mary. The heroine in the story I'm shopping around fits this personality type. She's in love with a Life of the Party and he with her and they complement each other, but only after they get through their respective angst. Of which they have a lot. Funny thing you should mention Melanie Hamilton Wilkes, my character looks a lot like Olivia DeHavilland. She's composed, sensitive, NEAT AND CLEAN, so her biggest external challenge is the Oregon Trail. Sigh. I could never do it...
Kathy Bailey

Mary Vee Writer said...

I don't think I could, either, Kathy. I'm not so sure we have a full grasp of the difficulty of that journey. Kudos to your heroine.
Blessings on finding the right place for your book. :)

Pepper Basham said...

YAY! I got 100% on your quiz!
Great post again, Mare. Wonderful series.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I am not surprised Pepper.
Way to go!!
And Thanks:)

Jeanne Takenaka said...

Oh Hassan, I loved him! And that movie. :) Great addition.