Monday, February 23, 2015

Secrets, Sisters, and Stories

What happens when seven Alley Cats secretly conspire to knock the socks off of one first-time mother-to-be sister?


Greetings from Florida! We have had such a great time showering Ashley with gifts and motherly advice (snicker), brainstorming each other's stories, sharing praises and prayer requests, and just refreshing among sisters of the heart!

Happy Monday! Enjoy a glimpse at our weekend!


Ashley Clark said...

That picture of Pepper photo bombing is still my favorite!

Mary Vee Writer said...

A time to remember.
A time to smile.
A time to learn.
Yeah, that is what we had.

Casey said...

Hahahah! Mine too, Ashley! I crack up every time. I loved this weekend. Love these women. Love. Love. Love. It's the only word my soul fully knows right now. Let's make sure this happens again soon, 'k girls?

Pepper Basham said...

Well...if you're going to photo bomb, I guess you'd better do it with purpose, right? :-)

Love you guys! Am SO VERY thankful we got to celebrate Baby Clark! AND celebrate friendship!