Thursday, September 17, 2015

I'M AT ACFW!!!!!


Not really.

I'll admit, I'm super bummed that I'm not officially "AT" ACFW this year.

BUT -- I decided to have a wee bit of fun and sneak in there!!!!

First off, I went by way of COKE to keep sweet Pepper company on her trip. We're good roadtrip buddies like that.

Then... our Pepper posed with the one and only Amy Simpson (she, uh, looks crazily like Casey Miller these days -- WHO KNEW!) and let me sneak in the picture...

And THEN our Pepper got to go see the ONE AND ONLY Sherrinda, who we ALL love and hold very near to our hearts, so of COURSE I had to sneak in the picture too!!!

Shame on Pepper for giving Sherrinda bunny ears...

OH! And I snuck in to listen to the band practice... this dude can play guitar! (Let's play where in the world is Krista Phillips and see who can find me!)

OH! And then there is the fabulous Rachel Hauck... I kinda photobombed this one.

I would have more pictures... but the fun is just starting on Wednesday night!

Moral of the Story: (because I have to have SOMETHING informative about this blog post besides my rediculousy bad photoshopping efforts...)

When life throws you lemons and you don't get to go to one of your FAVORITE writing conferences EVER --- PHOTOSHOP!

(you're welcome for the little free advertising there Adobe)

CHAT! - Are you at conference or going?? Tell us about it!!! We want to live through your experiences! (and make sure to use your #acfw2015 on Facebook and twitter so we can see all your fun pictures and steel them to photoshop ourselves in!)

If not --- let's commiserate!

If you've ever been -- what is your FAVORITE conference moment?
If you haven't -- feel free just to make fun of my pictures I guess! :-) :-) :-)


Unknown said...

Love your photoshopping, Krista.

I, too, am home this year. I hope to make it to Nashville next year.

My favorite conference moment? There are many, but the first that popped into my mind is the joy of Rachel Phillips as she led the ACFW choir. I just love her enthusiasm in singing for the Lord.

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Made me smile!

Pepper Basham said...

Lol. You are hilarious

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

I had a great comment that got eaten but such has been my week! I sure wish we could have gotten into some mischief together!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm home this year too. This conference has been on my Bucket List for a few years now; 2017 is a slim hope since next year I'm in two weddings and those're already adding up. I've so loved though seeing everyone's posts and fun via social media.
Here's to next year or the next!

Rachel Hauck said...

Ha!! Very creative!