Friday, November 20, 2015

I'm Thankful for YOU!

It's a time of thanksgiving... and more than just turkey hangovers and elastic waistbands, it's a time to take a moment in the everyday hectic pace of long, slow days and lightning fast years (if you have kids you know what I'm saying here) to think about how blessed we truly are.

Blessed on a grand scale. To be free to live and be and believe. To DREAM this dream we have of words on a page and the magic of creating a world in story.

Blessed on a personal level to have those we hold most dear, our families, friends, mentors, and teachers who enrich our days and our lives as we press on toward the goal.

And blessed down to the core of our hearts where the truth reigns and grace saves the undeserving in all of us.

This year, I'm exceptionally grateful for you, readers who have given me my first glimpse into this dream from the other side. Who have read or are reading my lovingly-crafted words and have gifted me with a beautiful moment in the sun. We've all done it for others. And some glorious day I'll likely be reading your dream on paper, but for today, thank you. For being a part of my dream.

In tradition, each member of my family shares the things they are most thankful for around the table at our Thanksgiving feast. It means so much more now that my kids can see where our hearts are and can witness the depth of gratitude for the things we often take for granted. So as this weekend turns around and the Thanksgiving marathon begins, don't forget to take that moment and reflect on those things you are most thankful for. Maybe even share them. If you need practice, you can start right here.

I'd love to hear... What are you most grateful for this year?

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Amy Leigh Simpson writes romantic mysteries with honesty and humor, sweetness and spice, and gritty reality covered by grace. When she’s not stealing moments at naptime to squeeze out a few more adventures in storyland, she’s chasing around two tow-headed miscreants (Ahem)—boys, playing dress up with one sweet princess baby, and being the very blessed wife to the coolest, most swoon-worthy man alive. Amy is a Midwestern-girl, a singer, blogger, runner, coffee-addict, and foodie. Her Sports Medicine degree is wasted patching up daily boo boo’s, but whatever is left usually finds its way onto the page with fluttering hearts, blood and guts, and scars that lead to happily ever after.

Check out her debut romantic mystery novel WHEN FALL FADES available now for $3.99!


Debbie Stehlick said...

I'm thankful for my wonderful family��

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Me too :)

Unknown said...

I'm thankful both my kids have trusted Jesus as their Lord and Savior :)

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Awesome, Patricia!!!

Anonymous said...

Grateful for this year God turned upside down in a way I did not see coming--a partial healing of my chronic pain from hip dysplasia with a surgery on my right hip this past summer. May not've been the year for a book contract or a boyfriend (or a date...) but this just brought me closer to God in a way I never dreamt possible. He is so good, such a miraculous healer and sustainer even as a *lot* of dross was refined away thru the process.

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Oh Meghan, I've been there in so many ways! The valley isn't always fun but it's often necessary and you'll be grateful for the perspective when you reach the summit God has for you! It's worth it!!!