Thursday, November 5, 2015

Inspirational Places: Writing Nooks

We've been talking about inspirational places all week.

At my Bible study, yesterday we were talking about staying in the Word throughout the day. A lady in the group shared that she keeps open Bibles in various places in her house, when she sees them she is inspired to read for a few more minutes.

She also shared about her study nook, a special spot she has decorated to make inviting. She says it "calls to her."

The same idea makes sense in the writing life. For the love of writing, do you have a special place that invites you to write? Have you set up your house and life in such a way to lead you to inspiration, even when you feel stuck?

I'm not a decorator like Alley Cat Karen Schravemade, but I adore looking at pictures of beautiful writing nooks. I really relate to the Beauty and the Beast meme that talks about coveting Belle's library. Yep, I'm a library gal for sure, no shocker since I worked in a library before my children were born and now spend my spare time writing for Library Journal.

Here are some neat writing spot facts:

-Charles Dickens was so attached to writing at a particular desk that when he went on vacation he had its contents shipped to his hotel. No small feat considering the price of freight in the Victorian era.

-Edith Wharton and James Joyce wrote in bed, piled under covers. I must admit I've definitely done this a time or two especially on super cold winter days...but if I'm writing from the bed caffeine can be a necessity.

-James Joyce wrote some of his poetry on horseback. I can imagine the cadence of a horse would lend itself well to configurating rhythm but I wonder how legible his writing would have been.

-John LeCare wrote his books on the subway.

How can you make your writing spot more inviting, a place where you want to put words on paper. Think about:

1) What's on the walls: A whiteboard with ideas for your current story can call to you. A picture of a favorite poet can inspire you. I have a signed Longfellow portrait on my wall that's been in my family for a long time. Even paint color can be inspiring or paintings of your favorite places.

2) Think of your writing rituals: How about placing a favorite cup nearby for coffee or cocoa?

3) Writing everywhere: Tiny notebooks to fit in your purse. Open an idea notebook. Even leave books around the house as they can be our inspiration. Keep things that remind you of how much you love writing.

4) Don't wait for it to be perfect, just write.

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