Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Inspiring Places: Paris

Last week and this week the Writer's Alley group has chosen the theme: Inspiring Places for our posts. We hope you've been enjoying them. Scroll back to see the others. Be sure to come back Thursday and Friday for the last two in this series.

When the topic came up, I thought of at least five million incredible places in the whole world guaranteed to inspire phenomenal stories ranging from my backyard to Moscow. Which to choose for today's discussion. Which to choose???

After a lot of thinking, I chose to share how Paris inspires. 

Sigh. Paris is a beautiful place. 

Who wouldn't be inspired there? (You'll want to put Paris on your bucket list.)

Allow me to divert your day, for just a moment, with this little mind exercise. 

First, imagine yourself walking the city streets of Paris. Pause after each line to answer this question: what emotional juices spark inside you with each phrase?

*Connecting with Prince Charming 
*Dreamy cruises down the Seine with the Eiffel Tower twinkling in      
      the night sky (see the top photo) 
*Shopping couture
*Walking hand in hand with your lover on the Seine
*Standing on top of the Arc of Triomphe, where so many soldiers
       returned in victory
*Majestic Notre Dame

*Touring the glamor and decadence in Versailles, the royal home of kings 
*The breathtaking art in the Louvre
*Viewing the words of street vendors and musicians 
*Adventures riding a subway where signs are in a language you don't understand (and 
       getting lost)
*Gospel storytelling floor to ceiling stained glassed windows of Sainte Chappelle
*The Opera House, where the auditorium chandelier and water under the facility inspired 
      the Phantom of the Opera

Each one had such an emotional explosion inside me. 

Today, I am going to choose only one to discuss. The winner is: Notre Dame--a special place for inspiration.

I only had to walk through the mammoth doors to experience inspiration in so many ways. 
If I could convey to you only a small portion of this experience, I will have expressed volumes. Of all the places to visit in Paris, make time to sit in this cathedral. You will come away inspired, too. Here is how:

1. Vast ceilings remind me to never limit my stories or think lowly of the gift God has given.

2.Candlelight illuminates the darkness. This reminds me to always start with prayer then God will show me the way. 

3. Silence, even while thousands tour, remind me to be still, ever listening to inspiration.

4. Intricate carvings in every inch of the building both inside and out remind me of the absolute need to consider the tiny details of story writing.

5. Crystal and bombastic pipe organ melodies swirling in the air remind me to write memorable scenes that touch the heart both in sadness and utter bliss.

6.. Dark wood and somber colors remind me of the seriousness required for quality stories.

7. While Nortre Dame towers over me, I can climb to the roof and see the whole. This reminds me that although there are times my story seems more than I can write, if I endure I can see the whole.


What place have you visited that remain an inspiration for you? Take us there in your comment, please.

I can't wait to read your comment(s)

 All photos taken by Mary Vee in beautiful Paris :)

If you found any typos in today's post...sorry about that. 

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Angie Dicken said...

Ah, I love Paris! Your pictures bring back so many memories. Thanks for sharing, Mare!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Me too, Ang. I have been blessed to have visited so many places, but Paris seemed the magnificent place to visit today. :)

Krista Phillips said...

Ahhhh --- love this. Dreaming of Paris now, thanks a lot, Mary! *wink*

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thanks, Krista. least we can be there in our imaginations :)