Friday, November 13, 2015

Your Turn to Share: Your Inspiring Writing Place + a Giveaway!

View of Pike's Peak in Garden of the Gods.
This week (and into next week) the Alley Cats have been sharing their favorite places to write. The places that inspire them and their stories.

Be it at a desk. In a comfy chair. Next to a fireplace or a comforting stream in the woods, there are so many places that offer inspiration for the writer's mind.

God's creation is brimming with possibilities and inspiration.

I do so love to curl up with my laptop and listen to the crickets or birds on a calm summer evening as my fingers click away on my laptop.
Pensacola Beach, Florida

Do you live near the ocean or within driving distance? There is something about listening to the roar of the ocean, and the smallness you feel against the might of the waves crashing against the sand. Leaving you swept away by the awesomeness of God's creation.

Denver Botanical Gardens
Do you ever allow yourself to go to a public garden or zoo or mall or some unique place to your area to people watch and write down your observations? It might be something worth doing as you explore your local surroundings, to pack up that laptop or notebook and see what you discover along the way.

We often think of writing as something that has to be done in a place that makes us feel the most creative and that's a great reason to choose that location.

But what about choosing a place, once in a while, that simply inspires you.

Because an inspired writer, is a writer with more than just words for a screen to fill the next chapter. It fills you up to keep pressing on with this story that maybe is leaving you feeling a little high and dry.

Wild Bill Lake, Montana
So here are the places that inspire me as a writer. Places that breathe out the creativity of the awesome God that we serve.

Places that exalt the majesty of a Creator that stopped at nothing to give us a world that takes our breath away.

So think about that, the next time you sit down to write. Coffee shop, library, creation, your own home, surrounded by all the people that drive you crazy and yet you love like mad.

Think about the fact that you get to create in such a way that brings glory to the One Creator.


How about some fun this Friday?!

Leave a comment sharing your favorite/inspirational writing spot. I'll draw a winner to pick either a copy of Pepper or Amy's debut novel of their choosing (ebook format, so anyone can enter!).

If we get 10 comments, I'll draw 2 winners.

If we get 20 comments, I'll draw 3 winners!

Have fun chatting, peeps! Let's talk writing inspiration!


What places inspire you to #write? @C_Herringshaw shares her favorites + a #bookgiveaway! #Fridayreads 


Tessa Emily Hall said...

My dream writing spot is on a balcony in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But for now, the the window that overlooks a pond in my backyard isn't too bad!

Love these posts! Reminds me again how thankful I am to have the flexibility to work wherever I desire. Thanks!

Tessa Emily Hall

Iola said...

I work from home, and I can see the the Mount and the Pacific Ocean from my desk (the Mount is the local name for the 1200-foot extinct volcano that stands sentinel over the harbour entrance).

The view alone is inspirational, but it's even more inspiring to drive closer and walk around the Mount or along the beach, or have a coffee or ice cream in one of the many beachfront cafes.

Casey said...

Tessa, I want to write there too! Pepper lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I'm so incredibly jealous. I really want to visit someday!

Iola, sounds like you have an amazing view!

Glynis said...

I live in South Dakota and I can see the Black Hills from my house. So if I go about 20 miles, I'm the beauty of God's creation and that is extremely inspiring. We have a church camp that is nestled in those hills and is the perfect spot for writing. Unless you need the Internet for research LOL because your pretty unplugged there!

Laura said...

I live in a pretty rural area. It's quiet and mostly drab this time of year. I spice things up by going to the local coffee shop (AKA Starbucks) and eavesdrop on other peoples conversations.

It is interesting to hear where they have been. The names of their children and what kind of coffee they have gotten.

I continue the charade by imagining them in my story.
It is quite interesting to hear snippets of a conversation and how it can be used as a jumping off point for something.


Anonymous said...

How fun. <3 I've loved this week's "theme" here at the alley. Makes me restless though to write somewhere other than home! LOL
Dream writing/inspiration spot would be anywhere at all in Gettysburg, PA. Ideally a quaint coffee shop overlooking the center of town or even at a picnic table in Pitzer's woods or perched atop Little Round Top.
Gosh I need to go back there.
I do have to say though that when I feel up to it, sitting at my desk in my room is a lovely place to get work done, and to be inspired. My vintage typewriter's to my left, mementos of Gettysburg and roses in my stained glass lamp, my diffuser with rose oil...and photos of all my family and closest friends are above me. Love that desk of mine.