Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's all about Love, Love, Love, Love LOVE!

We all come into the New Year, usually, with something stirring in our brain.

Maybe it is a few resolutions (that statistics show we will renege on fairly quickly) or one word or just some goals you'd like to achieve this year. Maybe it's a special trip you'll go on this year for the first time (last year, we were looking forward to our FIRST trip to Disney!) or a milestone you'll look forward to.

Last year, I decided on the word HOPE. My book, A Side of Hope, was releasing that spring, and I just had a LOT to look forward too. New releases, ALLEYCAT new releases, trip to Disney, trip to SEE my alleycats, and my youngest who had been on a feeding tube since birth was---hopefully--- going to get her feeding tube taken out.

All of that happened, too!!!

But this year, I was contemplating the year and just really had no clue. I had no big plans (aside from book releases) and have a few really big writing decisions to make that I was (read: am) stressing over a little.

"Indecision" seemed to be the right word, but BOOOOOOOO on making THAT the word of the year.

Then it hit me.

Last year, A Side of Hope was releasing, and HOPE was my word. And while the correlation hadn't hit me until after the word felt spoken to my heart, it was like confirmation that it was supposed to be my word.

So this year, my next book to release will be A Side of Love, planned for February.

So could Love be my word?

The more I thought about it, the more right it felt.

It encompasses everything I really want to strive for this year.

I want to WRITE about the Love of God and the beautiful dance that is romantic love.
I want to LOVE OTHERS more, getting outside of my own comfort zone and desires.
I want to LOVE GOD more, maybe not MORE, but better, but putting him in priority over my life, instead of letting things of the world crowd in.
I want to LOVE MYSELF more, by taking care of my body, not eating so much junk.
I want to LOVE MY FAMILY more, be on my phone less and present more, to help make our home a cheerful place more where they feel loved and cherished (while still having important rules and boundaries.)

Maybe this doesn't seem super writing related. I'm sorry if not. But love is wrapped up SO much in my writing, and the theme is going to be a HUGE part of my books releasing this year.

So what about you? Do you have any themes of your year God is impressing on you for your writing this year?


Julia M. Reffner said...

Love this! LOVE is a great theme!! Can't wait to see what God does this year in your life! Mine is JOY but I think that's a lot for my writing journey. I want to write for the JOY. Enjoying my writing, making Jesus smile ;) and hopefully others too!

Krista Phillips said...

LOVE the word Joy!!

Making Jesus smile --- I love that! It is my motto in my writing!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww I love hearing the story behind your word for 2016. :) So neat too it correlates to your book titles. This year mine is Hope. =D

Krista Phillips said...

Meghan -- LOVE LOVE Hope!!!! I've told God that I'm keeping hope along for the LOVEly ride for 2016 too, because there is ALWAYS hope in Jesus!!!

Pepper Basham said...

What a great post, Krista! Love is such a great word any year :-)
Mine is Joy.