Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tackle Your 2016 Goals Like a Boss

Happy 2016! I know it's been 5 days, but I'm really excited about another new beginning. Today I'm posting some of my favorite apps and tools that might help you stay on track with your resolutions! 

There's an app/tool for that if your resolution is to...

...accomplish a longterm goal despite your busy schedule

Our very own Karen has created the amazing Dreams by Design Planner, available on her website. There's a video that explains this in more detail, but it includes so many ways to break down your goals, track your tasks, and get work done! You know how much I love planners, and I'm totally geeking out right now!

...write all the words

My friend Christen posted about this website called myWriteClub the other day, and I clicked over immediately. I think it's in beta, but the features sound amazing! You can track your word count, set goals, and make your progress a social thing for accountability. I plan to try it out when I start my next book, but I'm also a big fan of the tracking feature on Scrivener and creating spreadsheets I can access from anywhere.

...save money and stick within a budget

There are so many apps and budgeting softwares available, but this is the one I'm going to try -- Dave Ramsey's app. Since I have my own business, it's important to be cognizant of how our money is spent! If I don't like this one, Mint is next up.

...be more intentional about devotional time

I've fallen in love with the Bible app and She Reads Truth, two excellent resources for devotional time. But the selling point on this Proverbs 31 Ministries-sponsored app, First 5, is the alarm clock feature. I can set it every morning or certain time of day, and it will open the app to prompt me to do my daily reading. Love that!

...get a better handle on each day

I am obsessed with this Daily Notepad from Kristin Schmucker. It's gorgeous and definitely helps me stay centered throughout my day, though most of the time, one sheet will last me a few days. There are sections for Verse of the Day, Prayer Requests, Gratitude, various Notes, and a huge space for your to-do list. It definitely makes even the busiest days feel more doable.

...have less stress in your life

Part stress relief, part resource for more Bible meditation, spending time with Live Loved, Margaret Feinberg's coloring book for grown-ups is probably a better way to unwind and take some time for yourself than, say, an eleven-hour Netflix binge. (Not judging those, either, but you know!)

{I'm giving away a copy of the bottom two (Daily Notepad + coloring book) and assorted goodies to one of my newsletter subscribers this month. Enter your email address below if you want to win!} 

What are you most looking forward to in 2016? What are the tools you swear by to reach your goals?


Laurie Tomlinson is a wife and mom from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who is passionate about intentional living, all things color-coded, and stories of grace in the beautiful mess. Previously a full-time book publicist, she owns a freelance copywriting, editing, and PR consulting business called 1624 Communications

She's a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, a two-time Genesis Award winner, and the runner-up in the 2015 Lone Star Contest's Inspirational category. 
Her work is represented by Rachel Kent of Books & Such Literary.

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Angie Dicken said...

Great post to kick off the New Year, Laurie! I love Karen's planner...it is amazing!! I have three different places I write down our daily activities because we get so frazzled and inevitably drop the ball! Lol! But I need to be better about including goals in my planning and not just our day to day to do list.

Casey said...

This post is brilliant. I love resources like this to help with time management and daily planning--something I really need right now. Haha! I'm especially checking out that notepad, thanks Laurie!!

Laurie Tomlinson said...

@Ang - That's definitely a great resource to get organized and make it happen! I'm excited for her and all of the people she is going to help!

@Casey - I love the notepad! Definitely a game-changer :)

Kelly Bridgewater said...

Thanks Laurie for some great tips and places to stay organized. I like the alarm feature to remind me to do my devotionals. Time slips away in the morning, and sometimes I forget. God bless!

Robin E. Mason said...

can't say there's one thing that i'm looking forward to "most." the year is already off to a supercharged start! in my writing (and life in general) my oh-so-lofty goal is to be more organized. but there's another milestone event taking place that will change everything for me—i'm having knee replacement! i feel like cinderella! so while that's not a "goal" i can personally achieve, it's a pretty spectacular way to start a new year!
and yes, i'll review your post and put your pointers to work in my endeavor to get organized!!

Jeanne Takenaka said...

Thanks for sharing some great apps! I'm definitely going to check some of them out. And the adult coloring books? I bought one last month, but I haven't had much time to color in it! :) Maybe when the kids go back to school I can really begin to relax and color. :)

Laurie Tomlinson said...

@Kelly - You and me both, sister! I forget more often than I'd like to admit, too.

@Robin - Oooh! Knee replacement will be tough, but life-changing. One of my local writer friends just had it, and it was so good for her. I'll be praying for your recovery!

@Jeanne - Yes! So important. I've found that coloring helps me unwind in the evening so much. Even if I'm mindlessly watching TV, it's more relaxing if I'm coloring at the same time.

Julia M. Reffner said...

Wow! These are some great ideas! I love the first 5 app and Karen's planner looks great! I love that notepad. And I recently have started adult coloring. So distressing. My daughter loves them too, since at 10 she feels too "old" for coloring books...

Laurie Tomlinson said...

@Jules - Life is so much better with these little fun things :)

Cara Putman said...

Laurie, these are great tools. I love echo: it's an app I can schedule with prayer prompts. Seeing and hearing the prompts helps me continue to pray for things that are near and dear to my heart.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout out, Laurie! Great description of what we were going for with this coloring book. Happy coloring!