Monday, February 8, 2016

Writers, Read!

I remember the twists and turns of Jane Eyre...even though it's been nearly two decades since I lastread the book.
I often reflect on the tragedy of Wuthering Heights, and the devastation of The Great Gatsby. Even though I read those books before Jane Eyre. There are stories that rooted themselves in my heart, and they were on high school reading lists, the pages of a high school textbook--Thoreau, Fitzgerald, Shakespeare, Poe...

During college, the only thing I recall reading is Amitai Etzioni and a social geography reading of fiction was very little. But after college, I'd read as I worked out, and devoured books that everyone talked about.

And then, there were several series I read as a young mother,
raising my children in the quiet of a West Texas sand storm.
There were books scattered here and there these past ten years, many that I never finished because of lack of interest or a whining toddler. But, this past month, I have had a great desire to READ. I have devoured about 5-6  books, and continue to have one on my kindle and one in paperback for my convenience wherever I am at.

I feel like it's God pushing me to the next level of writing by giving me the desire to actually read the market I long to write in. When stories model the flow of character, plot, and conclusion, we grow as better writers. If we become out of touch with what is out there, then our writing and pitching and proposing  will flounder.

So, what have you read lately? Learned anything new about your own writing?

Angie Dicken is a full-time mom and lives in the Midwest with her Texas Aggie sweetheart. An ACFW member since 2010, she has written six historical novels and is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of The Steve Laube Agency. Angie also spends her time designing one-sheets and drinking good coffee with great friends. Check her personal blog at and connect at:
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