Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Indie Road: The Starting Line

Like a year or two ago, I did a mini-series on Indie publishing on The Writer's Alley.

I'm doing another one because:

a.) Things change FAST in the publishing world and probably 75% of the things I said are probably now obsolete.

b.) I've now published my 4th indie book and I think I was working on book #2 at the time. Needless to say, I learn a TON more with each book I publish. So when I get up to 10, I'll probably have to do a new series again, HA!

I've been having LOTS of chats with fellow authors about the "to-Indie-or-not-to-Indie" decision.

My posts won't help you make that decision. Because it is personal and the answer will be different for each author.

I know a LOT of traditional authors who still swear by trad. publishing and would never go indie.

I know a lot of trad. pubbed authors who do a little of both right now.

And I know a lot of indie authors who swear they wouldn't take a traditional publishing contract even if it came with a nice hefty advance with it. (most would rethink it when that number got into 6 or 7 digits, but I digress, I am pretty confident in saying that few if any of us are looking at that happening any time soon.)

So no, my posts will for the most part not focus on the decision.

But if you've said, "Okay, fine. Indie. Let's do this."

*crack knuckles*

This series is for you. This is also for you that are saying, "Okay, fine. Indie. I'm not completely opposed. Tell me more."

There is a TON of information out there. I'll attempt to point you to GREAT places to give it, and give some helpful tips I've learned along the way.

For now, let's chat about Indie.

Where are you at in the process? Are you still 100% traditional publishing bound? Are you interested in the whole indie process? Any questions you have? I'll be glad to answer or put on the list for future blog posts to address!


Jackie Layton said...

I've worked as an independent pharmacist for over twenty years and it's been a struggle. When I first considered writing indie, I thought no way. But my stance has softened this past year as I've seen the joy and success many of my friends have reached.

I can't wait to read more comments. Thanks for sharing!

Robin E. Mason said...

i wrote—and published my debut novel (on kindle)—two years ago, had NO CLUE what i was doing, no clue of marketing or networking or platform. didn't even (re)start my blog til a few weeks after! now, i network like a crazy woman (no comments from the peanut gallery, hee hee) and i do regular interviews and guest posts, and semi-regular reviews. finally have a concept of mission statement and will begin my own posts again soon, too.

all this to say, i agree 100%, it's ever changing and always something new to learn!

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

I just loved reading this, and I just love you

Krista Phillips said...

Jackie, no doubt. It IS a lot of work. It's one of the considerations. But hard work definitely can pay off. It goes back to the whole publishing thing in general. Just HOW BAD do you want it.

Krista Phillips said...

Robin, we definitely learn as we go too!!! I did my first book with zero idea of what I was doing really. I've viewed all 3 of the novellas I have out as "training" for when I do a full length. I'm actually glad, I've made a LOT of mistakes but am learning from those!!! And making a little money and enjoying seeing my stories out there in the process :-)

Krista Phillips said...

Amy - :-) :-) Love you, friend!