Monday, April 11, 2016

The Road of Rejection

None of us like it. Rejection. Even the word feels sour coming from our lips, but if you’ve been on the writing journey for any length of time (whether published or prepublished) you’ve felt the inevitable sting of the ‘r’ word.

Whether it comes from years of seeking publication or years of trying to sell yet another book without prospects, the entire submission-rejection loop can become rather disheartening.

So what are some things we need to remember in the process?

What rejection does NOT mean

You are not good enough

Though it may not feel like it, rejection is not a reflection on you, as a person. As Christians, we are children of the king, and regardless of how many rejections we ever receive, nothing can remove our beloved status as His. However, rejections do not mean your work is not ‘good enough’. Many times our rejections come from not fitting in with what the publishing house wants/needs.

You must give up on this dream

Rejections are not the knives that cut away your dream, but rather the stair steps toward the dream. They happen to all of us, but they are a clear indicator that you are trying- it also means you are brave.

What rejection can teach us.

What our perspective should be.

                Like I said before, rejection is not a reflection on us, but may be a guide in helping us improve in our writing skills. Taking the good from the criticism received in the rejection letters can guide your writing to the next level. Of course, not everything may be applicable, but I’ve found they’re worth reviewing with an open heart (after you’ve had a good cry and some chocolate) J

Purpose in your calling

                Why do you write? If your only goal in writing is publication, that’s not necessarily a bad goal, but for those of us who write out of the overflow of story, the joy of creating, the beauty in unraveling words on page – then we must remember THAT’s why we do what we do. And that knowledge helps us pick of the pen (or the keyboard) and try again.

                Rejection doesn’t define your writing and story creating. God’s call stays the same regardless of the circumstances, just as his salvation call on our hearts is secure regardless of the storms.

                If He’s called you to write – He will equip you with the strength, courage, and ability to make it through the storms of rejections. Whether on one  side of publication or the other, they still happen, and for me…my  advice (as I remind myself of the very things):

                Write. – if you must take a break to deal with the frustration, do so – but step right back into writing.

                Enjoy the process – don’t forget why you like to write. The JOY in the journey. Remember why creating stories brings your heart to life and fuels your creativity.

God is faithful! He will equip who he calls.


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Anonymous said...

Great encouragement my dear Pepper. Thank you. <3