Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trusting God with your Dreams

I don't know if you've all watched Fixer Upper. Personally, we don't have cable so I depend on the shows being put on Netflix and watching back episodes.

But I LOVE LOVE the couple in them. I'm sure they aren't as "put together" as TV shows them---they probably fight and have parenting flaws and lots of other normal things like the rest of us.

The one thing I love about them is that, even before I read more of their story or watched episodes where they talk about their faith or their church, I saw Jesus in them. Sometimes you can just tell, ya know? And Jesus shines brightly through this couple.

I saw this interview linked to on Facebook the other day, and wow. I know there is a decent chance you have already seen it, but a repeat couldn't hurt, right?

As I watched this the other day, it  spoke to my writer heart at the moment I needed it

I was SO that insecure kiddo feeling like I just wasn't good enough.

And I'm definitely had (and still have) times when I look at these dreams that God has given me and feel like such a failure.

The sales aren't what they should be. I've seen other authors who were walking the unpubbed journey with me at the beginning move ahead and be published over and over, with great success, and I'm still struggling for my sales to gain momentum. I wonder if my dream is in vain. If I should just give up. If it was my dream but not God's plan.

I'm trying to be faithful to His calling, but some days it just feels like I'm a big fat failure.

But I love what what God told her. "If you trust me with you dream....I will take them farther than you could have ever dreamt. You need to trust me."


Trust is this great thing. It sounds really nice and easy but when it comes down to it, trust is the opposite of fear.

I have no clue what God's plans are for my dreams. There is a good chance they will look MUCH different than what I envision.

Let God speak into your life, let his FATHER HEART come and say, "This is what I have for you."

Don't believe the lies. FIX your eyes on Jesus.

Such good words from such an amazing woman who has been given an amazing platform to show the love of Jesus in such an organic way.

I pray that we can all fix our eyes on Jesus, TRUST him with our writer dreams, and walk forth in faith that God is who he says he is.

Let's chat!

Do you ever struggle with trusting God with you dreams? With believing the lies?

Krista is a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mother, and writes romantic comedy. Her latest book A Side of Love, released February 29, 2016.  She blogs about finding JOY in the journey of LIFE at She is represented by Sarah Freese of Wordserve Literary.


Anonymous said...

SO so so true. All of it. Which is both a relief, to have God be in charge of our dreams and take them farther than we ever could. It's a struggle for sure for me, but what's humblingly amazing? God keeps disproving my doubts and I can feel Him smile down on me when HE brings to pass new dreams, different dreams, and joy through out every day of the journey.

Robin E. Mason said...

oh, Krista! we could be twins! i could have written this post! only 'cept I was not only "insecure kiddo feeling like I just wasn't good enough" i hated myself! Father not only kept me safe but He has brought me to the place i can say i love me, and i'm a pretty cool person! and my dreams? they're languishing like yours (apparently) are, too, but they are HIS dreams in me so He's gonna make it happen! right? and they'll be GLORIOUS!

Katie S said...

Sometimes I do have trouble with my dreams and I wonder if they are what God wants me to do. I wonder if it's all worth it or if I'm supposed to be doing something else, but the one thing I know is that I love writing, and I love being a storyteller. I also know that God has a plan for me with my dreams and this post helped me see that a little more clearly.

Tori said...

I've been struggling with this exact same thing lately. I took four weeks off from writing in March/April and two weeks in May. I have completed my first draft and I'm working on a macro edit right now. I stopped writing because life got in the way, but also I was physically and mentally exhausted. As each day passes, my story seems to fade further and further away, and I find myself questioning whether this is really God's plan for my life or if it's just my own selfish dreams. I think it's hard to know sometimes. Especially when you've got other passions that take precedence. Like for me, a son with multiple food allergies and recovering from a speech disorder, which I've been blogging about for 4 years now. Krista, I'm sure you get this b/c of your child with special needs. Thank you for this post and for sharing the video. It has reminded me that I need to trust, not fear. I need to pray heartfelt prayers for guidance in my writing without feeling like it is selfish and unimportant. Tomorrow I'd already planned on forcing myself (ha!) to write for 2 hours. I've come too far to quit now! But this go-around I'm going to spend more time in prayer. We serve a mighty God; in His perfect time I know my path will be clear.