Friday, June 24, 2016

Inviting God Into Your Writing

I can’t take any credit for anything in this post. First, for well, the obvious reasons…like the title of this post. ;-) And second because I wouldn’t have been led into this truly glorious fellowship without a little bit of help from Allen Arnold.

I’ve sat through two of Allen Arnold’s classes now about the creativity—the freedom—of writing with God.

It’s a freedom that isn’t confined by how many words you have written in a day or pages edited.

It’s a freedom that isn’t barricaded by demands and restrictions that whisper insecurities that tell you, you’re best effort isn’t good enough.

It’s a freedom that gives you permission to walk away and walk with God when the prompting tells you to get up and take a stroll.

It’s a freedom that has set my writing on fire.

I’m amazed what consciously choosing to give my writing time to the Lord has given back to me. In word count, in enthusiasm, in maximized time for the most impact. Instead of a process that drains my creativity energy at the end, I’m feeling energized and alive with this creativity that is driven solely on the wings of the Lord’s mighty and sustaining breath.  

How does this look for my writing life? (Hint: this won’t be the same for you. Just a warning. It might look a bit like mine, but it won’t completely. Because you are your own unique creation in Christ.)
It looks like taking the time to pray through my writing before I start. It looks like forgiveness—aimed at myself. When I don’t measure up to what I think should be my earthly standards. It looks like taking pleasure with whatever I can write today—one hundred or one thousand words.

That last part was the hardest mindest to change—and continues to be so. Because it’s a mindset that is so deeply engrained in us goal-driven, type-A obsessed individuals.

Are you going to be ok if you write less than a thousand words when you sit down to story-craft? 
Writing with God tells you that you will be ok with any and all results.

Because it’s no longer about you trying to produce words out of thin air, it’s a linked arm partnership with the Creator of the universe to knit this story together.

When you can step out of the realm of your goals and step into the hand in hand partnership of writing with God, you’ll have a release of freedom to put words on the page that will fuel excitement for the this writing world that you thought you had lost.

Friend, it’s well, well worth the effort and time spent to dedicate each and every writing moment to God. And asking Him to partner with you in the creative process. After all, He’s the author of creativity.

Oh, and by the way? If you can ever sit under one of Allen’s classes, I heartily, 100% recommend it!


Casey Herringshaw is a homeschool graduate and has been writing since high school. She lives in colorful Colorado where she gets to live her dream stalking--er--visiting with her favorite CO authors. 

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Tea Time said...

"The freedom of writing with God..."
Thanks for these words. A beautifully written blog post.

Blessings on your writing.