Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When You Can't Go to a Writer's Conference

ACFW is about four weeks away. That means there's a lot of excited chatter...including yours truly. For me, it's like a once a year family reunion with my writer peeps -- including so many of the Writer Alley gals. These folks understand a big piece of my life. This year I'm coleading a continuing education session, so I'll be pretty busy preparing for that. Today though my heart is turned toward those who won't be able to attend. 

What if you can't attend ACFW? Or another writers conference? 

What if this year your heart is crying, what about me? 

That's a hard place to be. 

So today I want to speak to you...

What if God has something big for home? 

What if He wants to unlock a part of a plot that just hasn't been coming and this is the quiet you need to hear Him whispered suggestions?

What if He wants to fill you up with Him in a way that can't happen in the busyness of a conference? You won't be exhausted by the non-stop running that comes with a conference.

What if He wants to use you right where you are during the timeframe of the conference? What if He has holy appointments for you where you are? 

What if He has a book He wants you to read that you couldn't if you were distracted by the conference?

What if He has something you can't even imagine...a piece of Him that He plans to reveal during that time? 

What if during those days you need to serve your family? Your community? Your boss? 

God has a plan for you and I know it is a good one. Today I'm praying that He will reveal it to you in a way that you can hear and understand. And I'm praying that while you're home during ACFW or another conference that you love to attend, that you will sense His heartbeat in a real, strong way. And that by hearing His heartbeat, you won't feel forgotten...instead you'll feel incredibly loved.



Anonymous said...

I so needed this. <3 And all you said, the What if God has...--He already does for me. And my head's still spinning. This is a much easier year than the past two or three to *not* be at ACFW, and that is all God.
*heads back to editing cave*

Robin E. Mason said...

OHHHHH, THANK YOU CARA!!! i have to confess, i throw myself a tiny pity party sometimes for not being able to attend (YET!) but then i remind myself of basically the things you just said! much needed reminder and affirmation!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!
ps, {{{{{HUGZ}}}}} to you, Meghan!!
and i'm back to my cave today too—THE END is sooooooo close....

Unknown said...

Thanks for writing this. My life outside of writing (kids, church obligations, finances) has kept me from attending a conference and my heart droops a little at what I am missing. Thanks for changing the perspective and turning the focus to look for encouragement.

Cara Putman said...

Meghan, I'm so glad this was an encouragement when you needed it. God sees you and knows what you need in this moment.
Robin, pity parties are so easy to throw but not a lot of fun. Cyber-hugs, my friend.
Angela, your day will come. And when it does, I bet it will be a whirlwind! Hand in there and be encouraged. God knows your heart.

Rebecca Gomez said...

I've never been able to go to a conference, and that has often made me feel a little left out. But this is a good reminder that God is always at work even if he doesn't make it possible for me to go where I think I should go. Thanks!

Cara Putman said...

Rebecca, I hope your day to attend a conference comes. Until then, I know He can meet you and teach you everything you need!