Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday CHRISTMAS fun with Heather Gray!

Thank goodness it's Friday, right?!? 

NINE more days until Christmas, y'all! Can you believe it?!? 

I thought it'd be fun to do a bit of a CHRISTMAS themed Friday post today, and have invited fellow indie author Heather Gray to join us in the festive hooplah!

But first...



PEPPER'S NEXT BOOK released last week!! If you haven't gotten a copy of The Thorn Healer, What are you waiting for?!?

And while not a NEW release, I (Krista) released my sandwich novellas in a 3-in-1 collection, so now you can get them all in one place in ebook or paperback! If you haven't read them, I'd LOVE for you to check them out! My novella, A (sorta) Southern Serenade, is also for sale individually in paperback and ebook this week!

Now, I sat down (virtually of course) with Heather and asked her a few fun Christmasy questions!

First, a question near and dear to my heart!

Christmas tree: Real or Fake? Colored lights or white? Angel, star, or bow on top? (or something else?!?) 

Fake, but I bought it on clearance after Christmas last year, so I got a great deal on it. :)  

White. I was pushing for ten strands, but my husband *may have* threatened to call the fire marshal after six. But the white lights pop really nicely with all the sparklies on the tree. 

Our tree topper is a star. With big poofy white feathers on it. As you can imagine, we didn't have a cat when we bought it. We, however, now have a resident feline. And yet we still put feathers on top of our tree. Because we want to make sure she stays entertained throughout the holidays...or because we're gluttons for punishment...or because I keep forgetting to buy a featherless tree topper. 

Feathers..... I would NOT have guessed that one! LOL Okay, so FAVORITE Christmas tradition: 

Monkey bread. We have monkey bread for breakfast on Christmas Day. When the kids were younger, I almost had them convinced that it was monkey brains. It smells a little too delicious, though, so they never completely bought into that story.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Monkey bread is our Christmas morning tradition to!!!! YUM!!! So... FAVORITE Christmas movie:  

 So... Okay. Here's the thing. I don't watch a lot of movies. I get too easily distracted to stick it out all the way to the end. TV shows, no problem. Movies, not so much. And...confession #2...I'm really bad with names. Not just a little bit bad. Like seriously, completely, totally horrible at remembering names. If you were a person (which I'm hoping you are), I'd have to know you a good six months before I'd stand any chance of remembering your name. (Our church got a new pastor over a year-and-a-half ago. It took me a year just to learn his wife's name, and even now I sometimes second-guess myself. And (this is where it gets embarrassing) she's even in my Sunday school class.) If it takes me that long to learn the name of someone I see on a weekly basis, you can imagine how many times I'd have to watch a movie in order to remember its title. Could we, um, just save me further embarrassment and change the subject now...? 

No we can NOT change the subject. I'm flabbergasted. Do you remember MY name? Okay, fine, I'll change the subject. You know I still love you, right?!? What project are you working on right now and when will we be able to read it?

 Whew! This is an easier question! I'm doing final edits on An Informal Affair (Informal Romance #5), which will be out March 2017 in the Love at First Laugh box set - a collection of Christian romantic comedies. I'm also doing early edits on Skye (Rainbow Falls #1), which will be out in April 2017. And I'm two chapters into the writing of An Informal Understanding (Informal Romance #6), which will be released June 2017. I don't usually edit and write at the same time. I do one or the other (too easily distracted, remember?). But I have a few too many deadlines coming up, so I'm juggling a couple of different flaming swords at present. Here's hoping I don't accidentally burn the house down! :) 

A HUGE thanks to Heather for hanging out and getting our Christmas on today!!

Here's her bio and how you can check out her books!!

Heather Gray loves coffee, God, her family, and laughter - not necessarily in that order! She writes approachable characters who, through the highs and lows of life, find a way to love God, embrace each day, and laugh out loud right along with her. Her books almost always include someone who's infatuated with coffee, too. Some things just can't be helped. Heather delights in creating characters who, like her, have their share of faults and foibles, characters who are flawed...but loved anyway.  

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