Monday, December 5, 2016

Grammarly Giveaway!

November has come to a close, and hundreds of thousands of aspiring novelists face a challenge—to edit and finish what they started. The Writer's Alley teamed up with Grammarly to give away a year of Grammarly Premium to help one lucky writer proofread their novel-to-be.

Doesn't that sound AMAZING!!! I'm totally jealous right now that Alleycats can't enter.

Grammarly is sharing some quick tips for all of us today as part of this great giveaway.

Understanding the Most Frequent Writing Mistakes

Grammarly provided the top five grammar and punctuation issues that often confuse writers. Check out these articles if you’d like to learn more.


4. Hyphen

You can learn more about grammarly on their website at

Leave a comment with one area of grammar you struggle to keep straight to enter for your chance to win :-)


Tessa Emily Hall said...

Love this giveaway! Conjunctions are probably the most difficult for me to master. =)

Sandy Quandt said...

This is something I definitely could use to help understand the proper use of colons/semicolons. Thanks for the opportunity to win a year of Grammarly Premium.

Sarah Bennett said...

There is a comma rule (not the Oxford one)that occurs mid-sentence at times, and it always trips me up.

Ollamha said...

My biggest struggle is with commas, when to use them, when to leave them out. Other forms of punctuation such as semicolons are also a sticking point. And I seem to have a love of run-on sentences.

Loraine Nunley said...

Oh I struggle with quite a few of them, but probably the em dash is the most difficult for me to get. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Unknown said...

I often struggle with my verb-tense shift. I find myself rereading graphs to be certain I am still in the same tense. There are a few obscure comma rules as well!

H.R. Sinclair said...

Lie, lay, lain, matter how many times I read the 'how to's', I can't keep them straight.

Amber Schamel said...

I struggle with comma placing. I hear a pause, so I put a comma. And it doesn't need one. Or vice versa.

I have the free version of Grammerly and it helps me out a lot. :)

Amber Schamel
visionwriter2 at gmail

Pepper said...

Commas are the bane of my existence. I love them...too much :-)

Karen Sue Hadley said...

Where to place commas especially in a conversation