Friday, December 2, 2016

News, Reviews, and Giveaways, Oh My! Plus a Fun Friday Five with Nicole Deese!

First up! Awesome Alley Cat NEWS!!!

Image result for the thorn healerOur fearless leader Pepper Basham has a FABULOUS book releasing next week. In fact, it’s so fabulous it got 4 ½ STARS and was awarded a Top Pick for Romantic Times! Woo hoo!!! Get ready to be wowed! I mean, do you see this cover? And that's only the cover! The best part is inside!

Next order of buisness, we have WINNERS from our Coffee Talks:

Heather Gilbert’s Indie Publishing Handbook: Polaris Northstar
Heather Gilbert’s Reader’s Choice: Amber Schamel
Casey Herringshaw’s Surprise Book: Kelly Blackwell
And Mary Vee’s copy of The Ringmaster’s Wife goes to… Cara Grandle
Congrats! Please email your contact info to Angie at agdicken(@)gmail(.)com.

Today we also have a drop in with one of my favorite authors (and people) Nicole Deese. And since I can’t gush enough about her latest release, The Promise of Rayne, one commenter will win an e-copy of said masterpiece. (Check back in the comments on Sunday night. I’ll announce the winner and how you can claim your bounty) :)

So Nicole, dish….
1. What’s the most random thing in your bag right now?

Nicole: Slippers. Yep, I have a pair of black Isotoner slippers (the same style my grandmother wore) hibernating in my purse right now. They have bailed me out of numerous “ouchy shoe situations” (think super loooong wedding receptions and/or formal Christmas parties when your feet won’t take another step in your way-cute-but-so-not-practical high heels). Basically, these slippers are yoga pants for the feet. Not even kidding. I never leave home without them. (Get these babies on your Christmas list, ladies. You’ll thank me!) 

Amy: Haha! I knew I liked you. I have the same pair in white. Although I do tend to keep them at home. But that's thinking! Emerency slippers is genius!

2. Favorite holiday movie?

Nicole: “Can I refill your eggnog? Get you something to eat, drive you into the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?” — Clark Griswold, Christmas Vacation (1989).

Amy: Well, at least you didn't say A Christmas Story. ;)

3. What are you currently reading?

Nicole: I just finished a great book and I’m about to start my Christmas reads for the season: One Enchanted Eve by Melissa Tagg and Starring Christmas by Rachel McMillan and Allison Pittman. These novellas look adorably sweet and festive! 

4. Any nervous habits or vices?

Nicole: I’d like to say I have no vices, but the mini fridge in my writing office crammed full of every flavor of La Croix Sparking Water would say otherwise. I always sometimes throw a few in my purse if I know I’m going to be out a while … which I guess could be an alternative answer for question #1. 

Amy: You did rather eagerly share your precious La Croix with me at conference this summer. (I think she was hoping to convert me.) It was a... ah... a little strange since it's not sweet, but not horrible. It could grow on me if I gave it a solid chance. And whenever I see them in the store I think of you and your crazy obsession and smile. One of these days I'll pick up a case. :) ANYone else like La Croix?

And most importantly, the world at large needs to know your thoughts on this very critical matter…
5. Chocolate or vanilla?

Nicole: Is this a real question? I feel insulted on the behalf of chocolate lovers everywhere. 

Amy: Poor vanilla. It's just too vanilla. 

About Nicole:

Nicole Deese is a full time lover of humorous, heartfelt, and hope-filled fiction. When she's not writing a sweet romance, she can usually be found reading one near a window while drinking La Croix. She lives in small-town, Idaho with her handsome hubby and two sons. 

Thanks for dropping in to chat with us, Nicole!

Alley Pals... be sure you pre-order Pepper’s beautiful book, The Thorn Healer, enter to win Nicole’s The Promise of Rayne (or just go get yourself a copy), and have a wonderful weekend curled up with an adventure!

Happy Friday!

<3 Amy


Karen Sue Hadley said...

I agree Nicole. Definitely chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Both books look so good. Would love to win.

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

See, if we're talking in general terms I say chocolate. But vanilla ice cream? Vanilla buttercream frosting on French vanilla cake--say hi it's some raspberry filling. Just saying, depends on the vanilla... ;)

Margaret said...

I assume we comment to enter to win??!! So I'm commenting. I'll take vanilla...when it's topped with hot fudge sauce!! :-)

Angie Dicken said...

Um, yeah, chocolate and La Croix. Wow! Me too!!! Love to see you here today, Nicole!!

Kelly Blackwell said...

I am going to have to look for some Isotoner slippers. I have flip flops that I keep in the glove compartment of my car because they simply will not work in my purse. I am also a LaCroix lover. Though I am not crazy about the coconut.

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Bigreadersite is our winner! I will send your e-book voucher to the email you provided tomorrow. Thanks! And ENJOY!