Friday, January 27, 2017

Fun Friday: Alley Pal Hangout!

Hi All!

Author Crystal Walton
Angie here. Thank GOODNESS it's Friday! Phew! I've been busy on rewrites, and WIP crafting, and basketball and baseball, oh my! Youth sports and fun!

Crazy week, but so glad to be on the Alley today.

We have had a great kick off to 2017. Lots of good posts on the Alley! This week, Laurie hosted author of Begin Again, Crystal Walton who gave a beautiful reminder about where we get our worth as writers, even in the face of a difficult review. I'm bookmarking the post for my own future sanity!

Check it out HERE.

We have GIVEAWAY news!

The winner of Tina Radcliffe's book giveaway, Rocky Mountain Cowboy by Tina Radcliffe and Classified Christmas Mission by Lynette Eason is....WINNIE THOMAS!

Congratulations, Winnie! (Please email Mary at with your address.)


So, what else is going on? Around the Alley, January is always that time when we start dreaming about ACFW, get-togethers, and Skype chats. When we are trapped inside avoiding cold blustery days (well, maybe not Ashley and Karen), there is nothing better than day-dreaming about hanging out with friends!


Today, we want to have a virtual HANG OUT with you! Please answer some or all of the questions below, and share with us! We love learning about Alley Pals!

Hope to hear from you. Have a great weekend!


Lindsey Brackett said...

So many questions... so much else I should be doing :) We're planning a big anniversary trip this year--our first cruise. The last time we tried this we had another baby instead. My husband says he'd prefer the Bahamas this time.

I'm reading Serafina and the Black Cloak right now because my daughter begged me too. Shout out to Biltmore, Pepper! I'm about to start The Poisonwood Bible because southern literary fic is my thing and it's what I write as well.

You can find me blogging (sometimes) at and pretending to be on Facebook (I've imposed a no scroll rule on myself recently so I just look up favorite people). I like to post to Insta and send that over there and I'm working on a regular social media calendar since authors are supposed to have these things and I'd like people to find and buy my book this fall :)

Jeanne Takenaka said...

Fun questions, Angie!

My favorite vacay spot would be somewhere in the mountains. The beach is nice, but I love morning mountain walks near a stream, especially with my husband. Although, Hawaii boasts amazing sunsets . . . so there is that for my photography lovin' heart. :)

Get-aways planned for the year . . . probably four. A family trip this summer. A writer's weekend in July. ACFW in September, and it's possible we'll go to see my husband's parents for Christmas.

I'm reworking (still) my contemporary romance. I have a couple of story seeds percolating in my brain, but I MUST finish this book first. :)

My blog is I'm on Facebook as Jeanne Takenaka. My Twitter handle is @JeanneTakenaka and Instagram is jeanne_takenaka

Fun questions, Angie. Are you going to answer any of them? ;)

Jeanne Takenaka said...

PS—Lindsay, I like that! A No-Scroll rule. Great idea!

Angie Dicken said...

Yes, Lindsay!!! I have implemented the same no scroll route for myself! It's been kinda nice!
I am glad you are getting to take that cruise! We skipped Mexico one year because of a bambino...but it was worth it. :)

My phone is about to I will come back by and post more!! Thanks for commenting!!

Pepper said...

OH Lindsey!!!
The Biltmore!! You're speaking my love language ;-)
Can't wait to see what you have coming out for us this year!! YAY!!!

Pepper said...

I'm totally with you on the mountain vacay...and that might include English, Scottish, or Irish mountains as well as my own Blue Ridge ;-)

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hey all! Happy WA pals and cats weekend. The most refreshing activity for me was searching for the sun. Talk about inner and outer warmth. I found it in Nashville for a short time and in the Appalachians. Both places have super friends. So visiting friends is high on the list. This, to me, revives the soul and stirs the brain. Off to writing.

Angie Dicken said...

I am such a beach girl!! But I do love a crisp mountain hike. I just love the outdoors in general.

Mary, your search for the sun is such a fun idea. I can't believe how much life looks up with sunshine in the midst!

Pepper, I fell in love with the British hills...and the white cliffs of Dover. :) Would LOVE to go to Scotland and Ireland some day...wanna go with?

Lindsey, will definitely make sure we're connected on social media. Can't wait to hear about your books.

Jeanne, don't you live near the mountains? Sounds like your living in a dreamy destination if so! Can't wait to see you in September, friend!!