Friday, May 19, 2017

FRIDAY FIVE with Cara Putman (plus Alley Cat cover reveal!)

Excited to host our own Cara Putman. She has published over 20 books in a variety of genres: suspense, romantic suspense, historical romance, mystery and even nonfiction. She is a very busy lady with her hands in writing, law, teaching and more. She has a new release you'll want to check out, too!

1) Julia: What has surprised you the most about the writing journey?

Cara: How much joy I get from my writing friendships. At least in Christian fiction, there is such a community of writers that have come alongside me—and I get to come alongside them. I truly can’t imagine my life without these friendships. They have added such richness and beauty to my life.

(I agree, the community of writers just can't be beat...)

2)  Julia: Do you have a favorite summer place?

Cara: Friends of ours used to have a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina that we loved to escape to about every three years. It was such a retreat for us at the times we really needed a break away from life. We miss that cabin. Because I teach even in the summer, it’s hard to get too far away, but we also enjoy traveling to Mackinac Island or to Nebraska to visit family. We have this thing for going places ten hours away. 

(I've always wanted to go to Mackinac Island. My family is about 10 hours away, too...)

3) Julia: Is there a book or verse of the Bible that keeps speaking to you this year?

Cara: Such a great question. This year I’ve been reading several books as well as reading through different portions of Scripture with my kids. Lately we’ve been reading Romans and a Psalm. There’s something exciting about diving into such a theologically rich book as Romans with my kids. My six year old son’s reaction to all the talk about circumcision was hilarious. But I truly count it an honor to have the opportunity to grow with my kids in the Word.  

 (Kids...and Bible study can be a fun combination. So great when you can find opportunities to be in the Word as a family....)

4) Julia: If you had a free day, what would you do with it?

Cara: Right now? Curl up with a book or two and never get out of bad. I’m fighting a bit of a post book deadline blah, so that sounds really good. Any other day, I’d pack the kids in the car and go find a place we can hike and get out in nature. 

(Hiking and books...both great choices! Congrats on hitting that deadline, that means you'll have more books to share with our readers soon...)

5) Julia: What projects do you have coming up that you are excited about?

Cara: I am super excited about the Hidden Justice series. The first book just released last month. it’s been humbling to see people’s reactions to Beyond Justice because it’s a legal romantic suspense. I just turned in the nearly perfect version of Imperfect Justice, which will release in December, and I’m headed into writing the third book. It’s been fun to write these bigger books the combine romance, the law, and ripped from the headlines issues. If people bop over to my website and sign up for my enewsletter, I’ll send them Dying for Love, the ebook prequel to the series.

(Congrats, Cara! Excited about your new release! Sounds like a thrilling read and very timely. Don't forget to head to Cara's website for that free ebook prequel!!!)


Alley Cat Angie Dicken has a cover for her fall release!!!

Check it out!!! With Laurie Tomlinson's book recently hitting a mailbox near you, we have all kinds of Alley Cat fun going on around here!!!


Seekerville Sighting: Our very own Laurie Tomlinson was featured on Seekerville Thursday talking about Branding and Why Its Important.

What's it like in your neck of the woods? Here in southwestern Virginia we've been sweltering with weather in the low to mid-90s...but I hear some parts of the country are seeing white right now (and not the sand!). Hope you have a restful weekend! Thanks for stopping by...



Paula Shreckhise said...

Loved the interview with Cara. Can't wait to read this series!

Winnie said...

Fun interview! I'm looking forward to reading these books. Mother Nature can't make up her mind in our neck of the woods. Two days ago, we woke up to about 4 inches of wet, soggy snow. It melted within a few hours, then snowed again a couple of times. Today it's cloudy and it's supposed to get warmer in the coming days.

Ashley Clark said...

Cara, what a beautiful photo! And ANGIE, I AM SO STINKING EXCITED!!!!