Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Advanced Basics-Street Team Marketing Tips

Street team marketing is a gift to today's writer. Seriously. Even writers need time for coffee in the morning, and the only way we can squeeze marketing into our already overloaded schedule is to garner the help of our genre's community.

1. To build your team from zero (or how ever many you currently have) send out invitations. Take your time. Design this like you are throwing a gala party. Simple. Sharp. Colors. Clear. Concise. 

Include appealing information. Just enough to pique interest. Then send a follow up that has the details. Sending invitations is a great control. You really don't want to send out an open call to the world because there are expectations on you as well.

Confused yet? Yay! That means you'll keep reading!!

2. Once you have your team make a point to regularly show your appreciation. One Alley Cat sends a call out to the whole team to say happy birthday to a team member. She acknowledges new members of the team and asks everyone in the group to say hi. These simple kudos help team members know that you care about them as individuals.

3. If possible, get to know the city where your street team members live. Using Facebook can help us be connected, but there is nothing better than meeting the 3-D individual. If you are traveling you could link up with a street member at a coffee shop, a library, a park, anywhere to take some great selfies. Post these on your group site.

4. Speaking of group site, make a closed group for just your street team. This way you can discuss ideas, present new material, ask them their thoughts about new story ideas, plan promotion parties, etc.

5. Expectations- Rewinding just a tad, make sure you inform those interested in becoming street team members what your expectations are and what they will receive in return. For example, tell them about your future publications, that you need them to read advanced copies and plan to post reviews. Find out their gifts and interests. Perhaps one loves to make memes, another might like to plan parties, another loves to read and post reviews, they all will have gifts. Know these and delegate your needs to them. In return, plan to lavish the group with appropriate kudos, birthday greetings, Amazon/Starbucks gift cards, etc.

6. Kindness - I once said yes to be on a street team for a critique partner a couple of years ago. I was asked to read the book, no problem, write a review, no problem - but then she said she didn't like my review and asked me to make certain changes. Then she sent me personal notes of tasks she wanted me to do. It went on and on and on. And seriously, I said enough. She asked too much. She needed a team. And she needed to appreciate me.  The honey /vinegar thing comes in very handy here.

7. Keep conversations open and solicit the team's questions. Let them ask questions. It's amazing what seems unclear to one individual and crystal with another. This, again is where the group page comes in handy. Team members will answer each other's questions building a camaraderie. It's amazing how the super planners will step up to the rescue. 

8. One other idea is to ask your street team to join you in giving shout-outs to other writers when one of their books is released. Talk about a viral idea. Street teams helping each other. It can't get any better.

So these are only a few of my favorite things I've seen in other street teams. Hop on board, and share what you have learned, tried, or have seen done.

I can't wait to read your comment(s)!

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kaybee said...

Hi Mary, this is a good post. I'm not published yet, but I think it's coming and I'm a novice/neophyte to marketing. These are all good tips.
I chuckled, ruefully, at your crit partner's asking you to change the review. You can't change a review. If you do, it's not a review any more, it's a PR piece.
I went to my friend Clarice James's book launch this weekend ("Party of One!" Elk Lake! Available now!). I picked up so many good tips, such as putting balloons outside the venue, having nametags for the hostesses, and having a few gift-wrapped copies for sale. But the most important part was the people, and it was heartening to see how many turned out. It's all about relationships.
We have to be our own best advocates, and the only way is through relationships.
Kathy Bailey

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hey Kathy!
Great ideas.
So true, we really do have to be our own best advocates...and that is so hard because so many of us are introverts. Sigh.
Thanks for stopping by!!

Robin E. Mason said...

Hullo Mary,

i'm working on guidelines for my street team (Robin's Little Flock ;-) ) and will save and print your post for reference! i love the idea of getting to know the town each member lives in! i'm about 50 miles from Pepper (we're on each others' teams) and we are gonna hook up for coffee - 'scuse me, tea, we're gonna hook up for TEA - in the next couple weeks!
thanks for a great post and great thoughts on street teams!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hey Robin!!

I'm so glad you'll be able to hook up with Pepper. That will be a fun time whether you have tea or coffee :) And this shows how much these contacts mean to our street team. We the street team feel special and appreciated for our efforts. We the author keep happy campers on our team. It's a win win.

Thanks for stopping by today!!

JennaVictoria said...

Fabulous suggestions Mary... I'm not ready yet but your tips are pushing me in the street team direction 😁

Mary Vee Writer said...

Sometimes, Jenna, marketing seems so daunting. But when we can have the help of our friends, the job isn't so bad, eh?