Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Five: With Sensational Historical Romance Author AMBER LYNN PERRY

It is my great pleasure to introduce a very dear friend and fantastic author! This girl is a DYNAMO! I absolutely LOVE her novels (and that's saying something because historical is not my preferred genre)... But sometimes the beauty of the writing and the mastery of story is all you need to get lost. (And don't even get me started on her covers!)

I was lucky enough to get to read an ARC of Amber's newest release So True a Love... and here's why you should too!

About the book:

Since the night her dear uncle gave his life for hers, Hannah Young is determined to risk everything by spying for the Patriots in order to seek retribution against the British soldier who killed him. But when her former love, Joseph Wythe, insists on ensuring her safety, she must decide if the vengeance she seeks is worth the danger of his nearness. For the love she once felt is liable to grow deeper and more threatening to her heart than it ever was before.

Leaving his young ward to join the fight for liberty is the hardest thing Joseph Wythe has ever done. Nearly. The most difficult happened ten years past, which he tries his best to forget. Seeing Hannah Young again after all this time does something frightening and wonderful to his soul. Though her determination to spy for the Patriots is honorable and brave, he will never allow her to take such a risk without him to protect her, no matter how she protests—and no matter how he knows he will ache all the more for the thing he always wanted and still could never have.

My thoughts:

A magnetic glimpse of history, heroism, and espionage, all entwined with a forever, young love that's endured time and deceit and loss, Perry continues to change my mind about dusty historical fiction, instead painting a vibrant landscape of early patriotism with its unsung heroes of our nation's past. I love how seamlessly and poignantly Perry unwraps the era and yet tangles me irrevocably in the high-stakes suspense and heart-quaking romance of this second-chance love story between Joseph and Hannah. Seriously, don't miss this one. Or any of the others in the series. They're simply too good to pass up! ~AMY LEIGH SIMPSON, author of When Fall Fades and From Winter's Ashes

And now... let's get the dirt on AMBER...

1. Do you have a writing ritual? Place, time of day, writer quirks? 

ALP: I have no writing ritual as far as time goes. It's "git 'er done whenever the heck you have five minutes." LOL! You writer mom's know what I'm talking about it. I mean, sometimes in the evening I will sit down to write, get my headphones on and boot up Amazon Music (I like to listen to amazing movie soundtracks like Belle, Last of the Mohicans, John Adams, etc.) and crank out the word count. But let's be honest. I'm not someone that can stay up until even 11:30 without writing pure gobbledygook--I need my sleep! The only constant, is that I write on my bed, legs out, laptop on my little "lap desk" and *maybe* some HotTamales near by. 

2. What's your writing brain food (or drink)? 

ALP: Do I have to pick just one? Other than the aforementioned red hot candies, I was just at a conference with Laura Frantz and we had some basil lemonade, so now I'm a bit obsessed. HAHA! And that's saying something because I'm not usually a fan of basil. You've got to try it--that drink is ridiculously delicious and SO refreshing on a hot day!

3. Most random thing in your purse... 

ALP: LOL! My purse is a dark and frightening abyss. Even I'm scared to look in it sometimes! The most random thing I found recently was one of those little green army men. (Toy Story comes to mind...HAHA!) I was like, "Where in the world did this guy come from?" But one of my daughters quickly claimed him before I could carelessly toss him into the trash.

4. Do you have a hidden talent? 

ALP: *stares off pensively* Hmmmm...Does this have to be like an awesome talent or can it be a sad "I-try-but-I-always-fail" kind of talent? Cuz the first thing that comes to mind is that I can't seem to keep a plant alive for the life of me. The flowerbed is ok, but the garden and any potted plant--any living thing that goes in there has a bleak future. I have the *opposite* of a green thumb. But I'm the kind of person that doesn't let accidental mass murder of innocent vegetation get me down. I keep trying and I will say....I've only killed a handful of things this year, so I think I'm improving. LOL!

5. Tell us why you are passionate about your genre? 

ALP: I love American history, and liberty in particular. I never cease to be inspired by the stories I read in my research and I want to share those amazing bits of history with other people. I really hope to live up to my little personal tag-line: penning the past to inspire tomorrow


AMY here! Hey Alley Pals... if you haven't yet become acquainted with Amber's books, here's your chance! Because I am such a HUGE fan of this series, and the newest book JUST released last week, I'm going to buy someone an e-book! Here's what you need to do... leave a comment with your email address below. (And to make it more fun, answer one of the questions I asked Amber in your comment.) If you're feeling motivated (and generous... because word of mouth helps SO very much!) share this post on your wall and I'll enter your name twice. I'll draw a name Sunday night and announce it on here (and on FB). SHARE away and happy reading!!! 

Amber Lynn Perry lives in Washington state with her husband and two daughters. A homemaker by day and writer by night, Amber loves to study the Revolutionary era of American history. Through these books Amber hopes to not only give readers a chance to escape into the past, but to instill in them a lasting love of liberty.

Connect with Amber on Facebook and twitter... and be sure to check out all of her gorgeous books on Amazon.

<3 Amy


kaybee said...

I enjoyed reading this post. I love the Revolutionary period. The colonists really won against all odds, and the greatest world power of the time. My dream is to write a grown-up "Johnny Tremain." I live one hour from Lexington and Concord, and I go down there at least once a year. The Concord battleground is a little more out of the way, but the Lexington Green is right in their busy downtown, and I see teens tossing Frisbees and children playing in the grass and think of what went down in order for them to be able to do that. It's stunning. AND what a good post to run before the Fourth of July. Thank you, Amber and Amy.
I'm not much for e-books, but I may pick this up retail or at the library. I am intrigued!
Hope to begin my own Rev War story next year, but right now in project overload.
Thanks again,
Kathy Bailey

Paula Shreckhise said...

I love American History. My Mom was an antique dealer and now she calls herself an antique since she turned 100 in January! We grew up around old things and visited historical places when we went to Pennsylvania in the summer to visit my grandparents. Would love to win this book! paulams49ATsbcglobalDOTnet Thanks.

Kay Garrett said...

I love diet citrus green tea. It curbs the appetite (for me any ways ;) ) and charges me up. Besides it's a great source of vitamin C so how can I go wrong!
The most unusual thing in my purse has to be furbaby (we don't own a DOG -ugly word) treats. When we travel or such, Snickerdoodle goes with us and naturally he needs treats for being such a good boy. :)
2clowns at arkansas dot net

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Oh Kathy! How cool!!! You will love these books! Though, just a heads up, you will only find them on Amazon for now. Definitely works the order for the paperbacks. They are stunning! And Amber is actually the cover model for all the books! How cool is that?!

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Love that! How cute! You're entered to win! And let me know if you shared it on Facebook, and I will enter you twice! 😘

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

😆 thanks Kay! Entered to win!

Evelyn M. Hill said...

Oooh! Spies and History! Definitely a great hook :)

Winnie said...

What a fun post! I'm reading Amber's book now and loving it so far. I haven't read many books about the revolutionary era, so I'm enjoying the history part of it. I have a copy of this book, so you don't need to enter me in the contest. Thanks!

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

It's definitely edge-of-your-seat awesome!!!

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Yay! You're gonna love it all the way through! ❤

Pepper said...

Opposite of green thumb here too, Amber!!!
AND...I totally get that 'mom' writing brain and time. :-)
So glad to have you and your lovely books on the Alley today!

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Black thumbs unite! 😂 Pep, I'm in awe of how well you multitask and write in snippets. Ah-mazing!!

Jennifer Major said...

I love this book!!! Oh my word, SO proud of you, Amber!!

Amber Perry said...

Guys!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am to be on today--such a thrill!! Thank you so much!! <3
Amy, your review is beautiful, just like your own writing!! I love knowing I'm not the only one with a black thumb. HAHA!
Thank you to everyone that commented--I loved reading what you had to say! I would comment more personally but we're at a hotel for the weekend and internet is sketchy. Just know I am so thankful! :(
Much love and many smiles!

BJM said...

Your review makes this book sound interesting.

bonnijean dot marley at gmail dot com

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Ditto! 👆🏻

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Loved having you here! So in awe of how beautifully you publish books, from the words on the page to the packaging. Stunning!

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Entered you to win!

Karen said...
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Caryl Kane said...

Amber, congratulations on your release!

My drink of choice while reading is either a cup of tea or bottled

Shared blog post on my Facebook.

psalm103and138 at gmail dot com

Karen said...

My hidden talent is genealogy! I love to find lots of dead people! Lol

Congrats, Amber! I'm so excited for So Pure A Heart!

mylittlebirdiebooks (at) gmail (dot) com

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Our winner is Paula!!!! 🎉 Be sure to check your inbox. Your ebook voucher will be in there soon! Thanks for playing and supporting great authors and Alley Pals like Amber ❤