Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tipful Tuesday-Francine Rivers

Days are booked by the second it seems. We rush here and rush there. We barely have time to work out questions we wrestle with, important questions that are unique to us. Only God's word and meditation can help us through this time. 

The same principle is used when writing solid stories. One of the reasons why Francine Rivers' stories are so compelling is because they dig deep into thee heart wrenching issues. She pours every dimension of feeling into every word and directs characters the way she herself was. Readers can't help but feel impacted by her stories. 

Why is this?

Because she starts her work by spending time in personal Bible study. In addition to her own need to be fed by God, she sets her writing projects to center on a question she wrestles with. Studying the Bible is essential to her writing. "And God gives me the scriptures, daily that speak to the question with which I am struggling." Rivers.

What questions are you struggling with today? Pray and ask God for the Scriptures that will guide you to His wisdom. Then, use this in your story. Better yet, center the story around this issue like Francine. THIS is how to become a successful writer/author.

Photo by Mary Vee

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