Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tipful Tuesday- What Writers Absolutely Need To Write Well

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I am not a history aficionado, or an expert, however, every once in a while, sage nuggets can be unearthed in the ages of history.

Today's quote is from Samuel Johnson, who lived from 1709-1784 in the United Kingdom, and was known as an author of poems, essays, he was a literary critic, an editor, and a lexicographer (one who compiles dictionaries).

I saw his quote on writing and immediately realized the wisdom and wanted to share it with you today. Truly we cannot write well unless we read. Read more than one book. According to Johnson we should delve into at least half the library!

I've been to many libraries0for you digital readers, he referring to objects that have paper with words, bound with leather or similar fabric, placed on shelves alongside thousands of other such objects, and contained in a building. Such buildings have a remarkable scent that drives visitors to pick up said objects, browse, and read. Okay, all fun aside, the message is clear.

Read good books. Books in every genre. Stimulate your creativity. See different ways of expressing words. See what is not pleasing and what is memorably good.

We learn best from others.

So, if you could find the time to read a book. The one you've been dying to get your hands on, which would it be?

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