Tuesday, May 15, 2018

#TipfulTuesday Writing Conferences and Why

Blue Ridge Mountains
Writing Conference held at Ridgecrest

Not every career offers stirring conferences. I've gone with my husband to some of his medical conferences, and trust me, I had the better time during those days by visiting the sites.

Writers' conferences are a whole different experience. No this is not a sales job. Not by far. But this is a: I have done this and loved it/learned from it/benefitted from it SO much I just have to share with you post.

This Saturday I'm leaving for my 10th writer's conference.Why?

*I'm intrigued by the classes offered in my genre this time at this place.

*Among the instructors, a widely published author in my genre is scheduled to teach some of those classes.

*Other writers/authors...men and women who also talk to characters...will be there. Sigh....my people.:)

*I am forced out of my introvert world by one of the few groups I can feel comfortable with.

*I have an opportunity to tell an editor or agent about my work and see what they think about my idea. There is no added fee.

*For these few days, I can soak in writing waters energized with encouraging and stimulating powers.

These are only a few of my favorite things about writer's conferences.

Bonus Fodder Experiences while I was at past conferences: I've gone zip lining during free time at Mt. Hermon. Walked the streets of musical Nashville. Rode to the top of the St. Louis arch. Saw Chicago's skyline...and its traffic! And more.
There are about fifty gazillion reasons to attend a writer's conference. The cost is so worth saving for. Most conferences have a scholarship program. I applied for one and was happy to get it. You could apply too!

What questions do you have about attending a writer's conference?
Name a benefit you received from attending a writer's conference.
~Mary Vee
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Blue Ridge Photo by Mary Vee

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