Tuesday, September 11, 2018

#TipfulTuesday: The Importance of Following Through With Your Plans


ACFW conference is next week. There are many articles and posts on how to prepare, what to take, what to expect, etc. Today I'd like to share the importance of following through with your plans.

One year, I sat by co-authors of a book. He owned a bookstore. His eye for good books and thirst to read gave him fabulous ideas for new books. He could plot, cast characters, etc. His weakness was writing the story. The man teamed with a female author who had a great gift for writing but struggled with creating new ideas. The two made a master team.

After hearing their story, I asked, "So why are you here? You have a plan. How would a conference help you?"

They said conferences gave them opportunities to pitch new book ideas. They shared other advantages such as networking, observing, listening, and etc. They continued to build their craft even though they'd had many books published traditionally.

The night I sat with them I didn't know they were up for a Carol award. At the Gala, I cheered when their names were announced as winners for their category. Sorry, I don't remember their names, but I sure remember this story. 

Everyone has a reason for attending a Writer's Conference. You know what yours is.

Whatever that reason, embrace it. Follow through. Don't allow distraction, discouragement, or any other nasty trick from Satan to build a wall around the success God has planned for you.

There are nine days left including today. Rise up. Take the challenge to prove the calling God has given you.

Start each day with a solid time in prayer then gather your materials, put one-sheets in pretty folders, business cards in a handy holder, your preparations for the agent/publishers in another folder, practice your pitch every day (see my last post on tips). THEN, go to your closet and choose clothing that screams success and pack them in your suitcase.

Last, and most importantly, remember God is the only one we are to please. He will never be disappointed when you follow his call.

~Mary Vee
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