Tuesday, January 22, 2019

#TipfulTuesday Subplot Ideas

Without a subplot, the singular journey arc of a novel from page one to the last page will fall flat.

It doesn't matter how dynamic the journey. Every good novel needs at least one subplot.

Subplots are the butter on toast. The seasoning in a marinade. The sound in a movie. They are never the primary component of a story and should never ever hijack the plot--but are so very important!

Contemporary movies, TV shows, and novels tend to use a romance thread for the subplot. It's easy to incorporate one. I must admit, my current story has one. I think readers and viewers have come to expect it. 

In my story, Christmas With The Enemy, I included a second subplot about a foster child. This subplot, more than the other one I used, has readers asking, "Will there be a story about Janey?"

Below, you will find a list of ideas, something different for you to try. Perhaps one of these ideas will morph into your next novel. Many subplots do. 

After reading the list below, add some of your own ideas in the comment section. I am tempted to say more than a keyword but will try to refrain. I don't want to limit your creativity. But if you have a question or expanded thoughts about the idea leave a message in the comment section. 

1. A new tradition including all the ancillary issues that pop up.
2. Dealing with a newly discovered disorder, like eating disorders.
3. A new skill
4. Phobia- suggest some in the comments
5. A grudge, lack of forgiveness, rivalry
6. Moving to a new home, redecorating, clutter, hoarder, building, adding on, etc.
7. Taking/planning a vacation, business trip
8. A sudden disability
9. Dealing with a family secret
10. A mysterious affliction
11. a new child, bonding, foster, adoption, loss
12. financial - sudden new income, loss of income

Happy writing. May you be blessed with many subplots. ;)

~Mary Vee
Author of Christmas with the Enemy
Photo by Mary Vee 

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