Tuesday, April 23, 2019

#TipfulTuesday Expectations: Influencers vs Street Teams

On the Writer’s Alley, we share writing issues almost daily. We bounce around the problems and discuss solutions because the author’s journey is one that can’t be traveled alone.

Today’s topic is Influencers and street teams. What is the difference? What are the expectations for the author? What are the expectations for the reader?  Both are such an asset for an author.

What is an influencer? An influencer agrees to read the author’s book and write a few reviews, say on Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Amazon, etc. That is about it. If the influencer wants, he or she may volunteer to also write a social media post or two about this one book. Authors should not blindly send books to someone for a review. Typically, the author communicates with potential influencers, asking if he or she would like to read and review the book. This is how the author’s book rises to the top of a TBR (to be read) pile and gets a review sooner.

An influencer can be a friend, a librarian, a women’s study leader, a bookstore owner, a book club leader, local radio or TV host, bloggers, etc. Think outside the box and be brave. It never hurts to ask. Most people love to receive a free book. Some of the individuals should receive a paperback instead of an eBook or pdf of the story.

What is a street team? Street team members support an author’s work. They enjoy the author’s writings and like the opportunity to tell others about the author’s new releases. The group is led by the author or the author’s assistant. They design memes, share posts, write Tweets, Instagram, and Facebook messages about the author’s new releases. They can form a community among themselves to work on bigger promotional projects. A wise author will give street members the opportunity to recommit annually or some other time increment in case life needs require the member’s time.

Some Alley Cats have street teams. Amazing. Amazing people.

Some Alley Cats would appreciate an influencer. Some of you have time and would like to be an influencer. Then again, perhaps some of you need an influencer too!

So let’s get together! 

In the comment section simply state if you are willing to be an influencer: read one book and write a review. Say what genre you prefer.

Those who need influencers state the genre of your book. Typically, the author gives a pdf or kindle version of the book to the influencer.

Ready to help each other?

I know I am. I am looking for a few influencers for either my new fantasy for YA or for my contemporary women's.


Happy reading!
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~Mary Vee
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Robin E. Mason said...

Hallo, Mary,

What a wonderful post! Thank you for clarifying the difference between street teams and influencers. (I had them rather lumped together in my brain.)
I already participate in several teams, and hesitate to take on new commitments, but I would be honored to influence one or more of your books.
I, too, am (desperately) seeking influencers! I am trying my hand at romance in my new series, FourSquare, four stories of twins. Book 1 in the series, One for the Price of Two will release later this year.

Beauty in the Binding said...

I'm a few days late as I'm just now catching up on my emails! I enjoy influencing for authors and have been on a few street teams. Those can be very interesting and fun experiences! I think contemporary romance is my favorite genre, but I also read lots of historical romance and I'd be interested in books in either of those genres. You can find me at: https://www.beautyinthebinding.com and on social media as Beautyinthebinding. :)