Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Resolve to Send the Requested Proposal


And yet another writing conference has ended. We scribbled reams of notes, made new friends, and hopefully had invitations to send documents to an agent or editor.

Most of us have had a day to rest.

Let's resolve to work on those requested documents this week. Write. Edit. Polish. AND set a reasonable date to send the information to those who asked for them.

Perhaps you heard an agent or editor say, "I have requested proposals for wonderful stories at conferences. Many are never sent to me."

We find the courage to make the appointment, present our work to the agent or editor, then go home and listen to the one who wants to ruin the gift given by God. Don't listen.

Let's start right away. Make a plan to complete the work to the best of our ability. Then, and this is the big one, pray and press the send button.

I am working on two proposals. I would like to send them to the two individuals who requested the documents within one month, two at the most.

How about you? How can we pray for you? We are cheering for you!

~Mary Vee

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kaybee said...

Hi Mary, so nice to meet you and several of the others face-to-face in San Antonio. It was an amazing week. I had one good appointment and one not so good, but that's the way it goes. I am going to revise my manuscript and send it in to the person who requested it, and chalk the other one up to experience. I'm also busy promoting my new release, "Westward Hope," so that will keep me busy.
I went to two of your classes. The pictures didn't come out from Cara's class on characters, BULLET DODGED CARA, but I got two good shots from Pepper's class on heroes. Pepper, you had me at "Captain America." I put the pix up on my Facebook page along with worship, Brandilyn, Frank and the experience of having breakfast with Debbie Macomber. Talk to you soon,
Kathy Bailey
A Home For the Heart
"Westward Hope," available now from Pelican Book Group

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Alas, it is almost 4 pm Wednesday and I am just now opening up my computer after the conference. I know, I know, I came down with bronchitis right after flying home from the conference, but still! I was soooo ready to jump in to getting my proposals done! Well, I am giving myself grace and sleeping a lot so that I will get better quickly and knock out the work later. :)

I have to say I was shocked about hearing how people never send the requested material. It never occurred to me that it was an option! lol Silly me.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I checked in from Vienna tonight and found both your wonderful comments. So, Kathy, blessings on your work that you plan to send. And Sherrinda, the request to have a manuscript is as optional as turning down the one Christmas present you truly wanted. If asked, honor God by sending it :)